Best pliers: toolbox essentials

Pliers tested
30 Jul, 2014 3:15pm Kim Adams

We pick some of the best pliers and pliers sets to buy for your workshop

Pliers are essential for any good toolbox or workshop, and you won’t get far with DIY car maintenance without some. The best way to buy is in sets, where you get several types to solve different problems.

Pliers usually come in packs of combination and snipe nose versions, with diagonal cutters that will cover most general car jobs.

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How we tested them

Comfort was vital in our product test, as when you're applying force there's nothing worse than an uncomfortable grip.

We also checked that they moved easily and resisted marking when grasping a bolt. Cutting power was tested on the diagonal cutters and combination pliers by tackling paper, tie wrap, wire coat hangers and electric cables.

Finally, we factored in prices gathered from a number of online sources.


The cost-effective Silverline is our favourite pliers set, boasting good value for money and a solid construction:

1. Silverline 3PC VDE Plier Set
2. Draper 3 Piece Heavy Duty Pliers Set