Aston Martin Lagonda forges ahead

10 Sep, 2010 7:08pm Sam Hardy

British brand plan a triumphant return for the Lagonda - as a Rapide-based limousine with 500bhp+.

Meet the stunning luxury limousine that’s bringing a famous British marque back from the dead. This is our best look yet at a new Lagonda – and the glamorous four-door coupé is set to be the car every celebrity will want to be seen getting out of.

Following huge criticism of Aston Martin’s first attempt to resurrect the brand with an SUV-style concept at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show, Auto Express has learned that the company has gone back to the drawing board.

Ditching plans for the controversial crossover entirely, it is instead readying what many considered the most logical option in the first place – a long, low and luscious limo.

Based on the Rapide, it will feature a stretched version of that car’s ‘VH architecture’ aluminium bonded chassis, providing ample legroom for rear-seat passengers to lounge around in.
As well as offering a flagship in the line-up, it will also give buyers put off by the Rapide’s relatively compact rear seat area a truly spacious luxury car.

We’ve produced these striking illustrations to show you how it will look. As you can see, cues such as the vast chrome grille and narrow headlights have been carried over from the Geneva concept. But they are fused with an elegant Maserati-style body with a long bonnet, sharply cut lines and small side glass areas to emphasise its muscular proportions.

Although the project is very much in its infancy, the new Lagonda is set to use a modified version of the Rapide’s 6.0-litre V12 engine, producing in excess of 500bhp. As well as being more powerful than its smaller brother, the engine will be tuned to produce additional torque. It will deliver a 0-60mph time of less than five seconds and a 190mph top speed.

As for the driving experience, an Aston Martin spokesman has previously told Auto Express: “Lagonda will have separate character. It will offer driver enjoyment – but the idea is to put all four occupants in a state of luxury.

It will be very comfortable indeed.” So as well as a sporty drive, there will be a super-soft ride – achieved with Aston’s own adaptive damping system – and a luxurious cabin with two sumptuous rear leather seats. Machined metal trims and the latest gadgets will also feature.

With increasing pressure on supercar manufacturers to reduce emissions, a mild hybrid system with stop-start and regenerative braking is also likely. Expect the Lagonda to appear in 2014.

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Why do AE feel the need to mock every single artical? They know as much as we do about how this car will finally look; it will be a large, very powerful, highly luxurious 4 door saloon. Anything else is pure fantasy!

I meant; mock up a vehicle in every single artical...

Looks like a Bentley rear. Nice otherwise.

Yes but Wayne, it won't have a Bentley rear. this is just the imaginings of an AE artist - NOT an AM one! At least they've been more honest about it than usual - "We’ve produced these striking illustrations to show you how it will look."

I find the car looking very nice. It look like the Aston Martin Concept 1995 Vigale or what ever that name was. But the offical Aston Martin Web hasn't come cross yet. But I read that the SUV concept was cancelled in production.

Aston Martin Lagonda nice looking car. It built up luxury fore door car.

Another fantasy from AE. Looks a lot better than many real production cars though.

I think the designers need to spend more time in the design studio. Lagonda means something special, very special. And it should not look like a Maserati or any other existing car. Just think of the '70s Lagonda, it is an icon even today. No matter if people liked it or not. Hope the designers understand the heritage and translate it into another future icon.

The car in the picture is good. But I hope future Aston Martin give the quote for next DB9,DBS & V8/12 Vantage. I hope it look like this. It time Aston Martin should redesign their fully. I still think the car in the picture is nice.

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