Lagonda return confirmed

14 Mar, 2011 10:52am Tom Phillips

“We have not canned project” says Aston, SUV on way by 2012, saloon to follow.

The Lagonda legend lives on! Contrary to reports that Aston Martin’s reborn Lagonda project had been shelved, the maker has confirmed that plans to resurrect the luxury brand are only on hold.

Despite the cool reception to its SUV concept, which debuted at 2009’s Geneva Motor Show, an Aston spokesman revealed the name will return. “It has always been in our long-term plans, just not an immediate action,” he said. “We’ve never cancelled Lagonda; merely put it on hold.” 

The spokesman added that
a new car is unlikely to be 
seen until 2012 at the earliest.

Part of the delay is Aston’s need to team up with a major manufacturer to supply a platform and a new range of engines. 

The original concept was based on a Mercedes GL, and a deal with the German firm seems the most likely option, especially if Aston agrees to build a new range of Maybach models at its Gaydon plant in Warks in return. The first Lagonda is highly 
likely to be an SUV, albeit 
less controversially styled than the previous concept. Aston Martin currently sells cars in 
35 countries, but a high-riding Lagonda, priced at between £100,000 and £130,000, would be perfectly placed to take advantage of booming markets 
in Russia, China and India, 
where road infrastructure hasn’t caught up with expanding wealth. 

Aston Martin boss Dr Ulrich Bez said: “I believe we can be present in more than 100 countries in the world.” The 
new car would help achieve that aim, going head-to-head with 
the Porsche Cayenne, top-spec Range Rovers and a forthcoming luxury crossover from Bentley.

Using the Lagonda badge would distinguish the model from Aston’s range of sports cars and its Cygnet city car (see panel, opposite), and resurrect a brand name that is now 102 years old.

After the SUV, a large four-door, four-seat saloon is expected in around 2014. 
This could use a version of 
the next S-Class’s platform, pending a deal with Mercedes.

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' 2012 at the earliest' - I shall not hold my breath, any more than I shall regarding Autoexpress' prediction of a replacement for the Jaguar X-type 'in 2012'. I doubt we'll see the latter before 2014 at the earliest, possibly later.

This should good because this Lagonda SUV. It can be 007 next Bondmobile instead of his DBS but with the gadgets. The Saloon will be great.

"Aston’s need to team up with a major manufacturer to supply a platform and a new range of engines" so a rebadged toyota again?

would the tie in with MB be the start of a takeover? After all the Aston brand would be a chance to offer a super premium car as BMW do with Rolls, VW with Bentley, and replace the Maybach brand whose pedigree is lost on most customers

The SUV is ugly.

The Saloon looks nice though.

Now that Touring has returned maybe they should get them to do a concept?

Trouble is Lagonda was always number 3 on the UK built luxury marques, with Daimler close behind.

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