Aston teams up with fashion brand for limited edition Cygnet

23 Jun, 2011 12:35pm Paul Bond

Aston Martin announces limited edition Cygnet developed with Parisian fashion house Colette to create the 'Cygnet & colette' city car

Aston Martin has joined forces with boutique French fashion brand Collette to create an exclusive limited edition of it's tiny city car.

Strictly limited to just 14 examples, the Cygnet & collette special edition will be hand finished by the British brand's elite 'Works Tailored' personalisation service, and features a variety of extras to set it apart from the standard car.

The first of a series of Cygnet special editions, the exterior styling gets a race inspired, blue-rimmed grille and door mirrors, and custom blue alloy wheels and stripes reminiscent of Renaultsport's Gordini range.

Inside, the seats and doors are wrapped in quilted 'Bitter Chocolate' leather with blue stitching, there's a set of occasional scatter cushions for the rear seats, special badging and a bespoke solid aluminium key.

Other goodies to keep the Colette's fashionable buyers entertained in traffic include special sweets, a Paris city guide and a custom Sigg water bottle.

The Cygnet & colette is only available to order from the French firm's high tech flagship store, for £43,685 (€48,995) - around £13,000 more than the standard car.

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Oh to have the kind of spare cash to waste on such a pointless upgrade to such a pointless car!
Scatter cushions FFS, sweets and a bottle of water!

Strictly limited to 14 examples, good job there is is a surplus of Proton Savvy with George @ Asda special editions then

£43, 685! £43,685! Again, £43,685, for one of these cars!

OK. Lets do the Maths.

Toyota IQ, £7,000
Aston Body Kit, £1500
Stripes and paint £500
Leather trim £1500
Scatter Cushions £50
Chocolates £15
Aluminium Key £20
City Guide £10
Bottle of Water £3

I make that £10,598, where did the other £33,000 go? Thats a very expensive bottle of water. Imagine if you gave a friend a lift in your ridiculously priced Cygnet and they decided to drink your bottle of water. That water must be worth around £10,000 by my reconing. I would stop the car and stab them in the eye with my Aluminium key.

I still don't get the point of the basic car so why spend more money on this upgrade, who are the people that buy these pointless over priced folly cars, if you see one of these cars on the road point and laugh at the more money that sense idiot driving it, just think what car you could have got with that kind of cash dumb fool!

No sooner have we recovered from the shock of the price hike on the IQ as its tacky sibling the Cygnet takes to the road, than Aston Martin bling it up even more and charge £43,685 for the privilege.
No matter how good they say it is, no matter how much they say has been spent on it to bring it up to this spec, they must have based this on Harry Enfield's " I Saw You Coming" sketches because even the most profligate person can't possibly see this as other than over-priced. Still what do they say about a fool and his[or her] money???

... of the 1986-89 Nissan Micra Colette.
The Micra's stripes were more subtle.

£43,000 for a gloryfied go-cart.
This still proves the point that theirs one born every minute.
At least the IQ was a cheap ugly car.
You have to hand it to the French, they know the Brits will pay through the nose for something mediocre as long as it has a French name on it.

This car is dumb and junk. Sorry...but Aston should'nt have gone here....leave it to Toyota.

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