Stirling Moss buys Cygnet

12 Jul, 2011 3:51pm Eliott Farr

Legendary racing driver among first to take delivery of the Toyota IQ-based city car

Talk about being quick off the line… Sir Stirling Moss has become one of the first customers to take delivery of Aston Martin’s new entry-model the Cygnet.

A surprise gift for his wife Lady Susan Moss, Sir Stirling collected the model from the renowned Royal Automobile Club’s HQ in London. The pair had planned a private dinner at the club when the Cygnet, taking pride of place on the century-old clubhouse’s opulent central rotunda greeted them.

Sir Stirling said “Since seeing a pre-production Cygnet in January I knew that it was the perfect car for Susie; a proper little piece of British luxury and perfect for our life in town.”

Every Cygnet is hand-built by Aston, taking 150 hours to complete. In keeping with Aston’s extensive range of customisation options available on the Cygnet, Stirling’s model was heavily personalised with an exquisite, handcrafted obsidian black leather interior with contrasting silver stitching.  

Sir Stirling’s choice of the Aston model harks back to the earliest days of his career, which saw him enjoy great success driving the firm’s DB3S and DBR1 racing cars at famous motorsport events such as Le Mans 24-hour.

Walton-on-Thames-based dealer HWM Aston Martin supplied the Cygnet, HWM being the longest-running dealership in Aston’s 134-strong global network. The dealer was established 60 years ago and provided Sir Stirling with his first Grand Prix drives in 1951/52.

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This car may be built by Aston Martin but it doesn't fit there image. It's more like an IQ.

Aston Martin - the Cygnet - really??

You can see the logic behind it, especially for city driving. Problem is, it's probably too understated for a lot of potential customers. They'd hate the neighbours to think they'd bought an IQ. If I had the money, I'd quite like one of these. Like the IQ, it's a three seater at best, but its small size would mean it would fit in my garage. Plus, I'm fond of quietly understated.

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