Aston Martin Rapide S spied

26 May, 2011 12:03pm Jack Rix

Even faster four-door will get powerful V12 from DBS and revised styling.

The Rapide is ready to live up to its name. Spy photographers have caught a thinly-disguised prototype out on the road near the firm's HQ in Gaydon, Warwickshire, and our sources have confirmed that it's a faster 'S' version of the four-door supercar.

The standard Rapide is no slouch, with a 470bhp 6.0-litre V12 it can cover 0-62mph in 5.3 seconds, and you can read our review of that car here. But the Rapide S will be even quicker and feature the uprated engine from the DBS - with 510bhp. To cope with the extra power, expect carbon-ceramic brake discs as standard and firmer suspension settings for better body control.

As you can see in our pictures, the front and rear styling will get a refresh to give it a more aggressive appearance. A lower front bumper now gets an additional air intake, while deep scoops either side will mark it out from the standard car. At the back there's a more prominent boot lip spoiler and a reprofiled bumper.

Expect a price hike to match the improved specification, bringing the cost of the the Rapide S close to the £200,000 mark when it arrives later this year.


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wish jag came out with a 4 door XKR-S and put that 550bhp engine in it and rub it in Aston's face like the old days then we'd be back to business as usual ;)

corsamani, I suspect an unrestricted XJ V8 supercharged would eat this, never mind an XKR-S, and at half the price, I really am starting to go off Aston Martin all their cars look the same, I am convinced they just paint them a different colour and then call it an all new model, whilst JLR have just posted £1bn profits.

For the same price, you could probably negotiate 7 Audi S3s. And not too poor a cousin, performance-wise.

Makes you think, dunnit?

And the Rapide really has the style when compared with others like the Porsche Panamera or Mercedes. This becomes very much so in a 3/4 rear view.

Its not only what it does its how it does it and in an elegant style.

Like comparing a Burberry or DAKS Blazer with one from C & A or similar - you pay your money and make your choice. When they are 5 years old then the difference is really showing though!

Well done Aston Martin!

Luxury has definitely lost its luster. Remember when scarcity, image and craftsmanship were enough, but that was a generation ago. Back then companies like Aston Martin went their own way--their clients appreciated the timeless understatement. Now even luxury makers introduce new products annually. Looked at a DB7 lately? How about a Vanquish? A bit dated, no? Yet, for example, the DB5 looked elegant even at age 30. Technology, outsourcing and profit motive have undone the luxury trade.

I like its looks, but I really wish it wore the Lagonda badge.

I wonder if they'll do a cabriolet version and call it Rapier?

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