Audi quattro concept car

29 Sep, 2010 1:17pm Michael Taylor

New concept built to celebrate 30th anniversary of original Quattro Coupe.

Audi has fired up the Quattro!  The German brand isn’t just using the Paris Motor Show to demonstrate its plans for an eco-friendly hybrid future with the e-tron Spyder concept. Sharing the stand is Audi’s 30th anniversary homage to its original groundbreaking Quattro Coupe.

The Quattro concept is powered by an uprated 402bhp version of the TTRS’s 2.5-litre five-cylinder turbocharged engine, mated to a six-speed manual gearbox and quattro all-wheel drive.

The one-off concept has been created after Audi’s design teams fought an internal contest to design the new machine. Audi’s bosses briefed its two design chiefs, Stefan Seilaff and Wolfgang Egger, to go head-to-head to revive the quattro’s spirit 30 years later, with ex-Alfa design boss Egger winning the competition.

His design is based on the RS5 with 150mm chopped from the wheelbase and the roofline lowered by 40mm. It has also had its rear overhang cut by 200mm, so it measures 4.28-metres long, 1.86-metres wide and 1.33-metres high.

With a 2.6 metre wheelbase, the quattro concept sits on 20-inch wheels and uses the same style of large wheelarch flares as the original 1980 car which debuted at the Geneva Motor Show and went on to become a rallying legend.

The entire body has been made of either aluminium or carbon-fibre, which has kept weight down to 1,300kg. While Audi isn’t claiming any performance figures for the quattro concept, it would be faster in a straight line than a TTRS, which features the same engine and weighs 150kg more.

While Audi claims the savage cut from the RS5’s wheelbase was to reduce weight and to add in agility, it was realistically to give Egger’s team the chunky, hard-edged stance it was looking for.

As well as the short wheelbase, another nod to the original car include the enormous air inlet scoop on the bonnet. But while the original had a great deal of metalwork ahead of the front wheels, to deal with the fact that the five-cylinder engine was mounted in front of them, the engine in the concept is mounted further back for better weight distribution. This has allowed for a short front overhang and nose which features a huge, single-framed grille, with LED headlights and a front splitter.

On the inside, the quattro coupe is a pure two-seater. The design includes a floating dashboard with an independent centre console. Controls are kept to a minimum too, while Audi has coloured the interior in a combination of carbonfibre black and rally brown.

There are no immediate plans to build the quattro concept in this form, but a spokesman for the brand said: "As with any limited run model, if there is sufficient interest from customers it wouldn't be difficult to put it into production."


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How about this as the next TT??



As the former owner of a white (non-quattro) 1983 Audi Coupe, and long-time coveter of the ur-quattro this evokes strong memories for me, but I'm not convinced by the child-catching grille. The bonnet slit is a passable pastiche of the Sport quattro's and the fastback shape is suitably retro, but I fear the overall effect is too overwrought.
Look at the original quattro design and, ignoring the fact that everything bar the wheels was drawn with a ruler, you'll see a wilful lack of ornamentation in favour of Germanic function. The blistered wheelarches were to allow the 4WD car to benefit form a wider track, but their styling - constrained no doubt by the limits of 1980s metal-bending - was relatively simplistic.
I have to admit that the digital dash of the concept is a nice touch and, should this or some derivative of it, ever make production, the dash should definitely be one of the retained features.
So, Mr Egger, get the eraser out and remove some of the unnecessary addenda, sort out the front and put it on sale - alongside a 2WD version us mere mortals can afford.

That is HIDEOUS!

hhhmm, I have mixed feelings about this one, As previously mentioned, it would suit a TT replacement and NOT a Quattro.
I mean where is any originality in this car (except for the rear wheel arches)!

While this type of thing certainly isn't for everyone, I'd want one. I'd ask that they add rear seats to up the practicality and perhaps let the weight climb by a bit to limit the price (shoot for

That is awesome. Build it.

And their i thought Audi was the master of style.
What a mess.
Reminds me of something out of Captain Scarlet. Only more Naff!

that front is WAY too big and aggressive and bears no resemblance to the original 80's Quattro AT ALL! While I realise it is supposed to be an aggressive car that nose just doesn't do it any favours whatsoever. The rear is nice and the interior with the digital layout is a nice touch but that front end puts it way out of perspective. Tidy up the nose and you'll get a car worth having, leave the nose as it is and all you have is something which will hit anything 100 yards away and when that something is a person then you have a real problem on your hands. Leave he nose as it is and you have an ugly looking front end that is out of proportion to the rest of it, which to be fair looks ok.

Mr Eggar, lose the nose please.

ideas from Toyota FT-HS concept ?

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