Audi A1 Quattro Revealed!

18 Oct, 2010 1:59pm Tom Philips

Audi's famous name returns will all-new flagship A1, promising the pace and looks to live up to the rally legend.

The S1 Quattro lives again! Audi is set to resurrect the name of its firebreathing world rally champ from the Eighties for a spectacular performance flagship of the A1. And purists needn’t worry – because the newcomer will pack plenty of power, style and, of course, the quattro four-wheel-drive system that made the original such a success.

Audi had considered using the name for the 182bhp 1.4 T version of the A1, revealed at the recent Paris Motor Show. But it backtracked at the last minute, fearing that the model’s two-wheel-drive layout would put off customers loyal to the brand.

Instead, bosses have decided to develop a new S1 alongside the Polo R, which is being readied by VW’s performance division in Germany. The cars will share underpinnings, to keep costs down, while VW may also add the scaled-down four-wheel-drive technology to its rugged CrossPolo and subsidiary Skoda’s Fabia Scout to further increase economies of scale.

But the full, sophisticated version of the quattro system will be reserved for the S1. And the car will continue Audi’s recent push to use innovations from its larger models on smaller products – the S1’s 4WD will have the option of the torque vectoring rear sport differential from the 
S4 and RS5, which promises agile handling.

Engine choices are still being considered, although the 1.4 TFSI from the current flagship won’t be used. Instead, to distance the S1 from the rest 
of the line-up, Audi is likely to employ one of the VW Group’s larger petrol turbos, which currently power the Golf GTI in 2.0-litre form and the top-spec Skoda Yeti in 1.8-litre tune.

A further option is a new 1.6-litre unit. Audi has already said it won’t return to rallying, but VW is planning an entry with a car prepared by a new team set up by Spanish former WRC ace Carlos Sainz. This is likely to be based on the Polo R, and as the sport’s rules dictate that cars be powered by a 1.6-litre turbo, the engine from this model could make it into the S1.

The Audi is likely to deliver around 240bhp – more than the 208bhp of the MINI Cooper S John Cooper Works – and offer scorching performance. The sprint from 0-62mph should take around six seconds, and top speed will be limited to 155mph. A choice of six-speed manual and seven-speed S tronic gearboxes will be available.

Despite the fireworks under the bonnet, the S1 won’t look vastly different to the 1.4 TSI. It will get a unique, deeper front bumper, more pronounced wheelarches to fit larger alloys, a gloss black rear diffuser and special badging. Two-tone paint will also be offered.

The high-spec interior boasts sports seats and a flat-bottomed sports steering wheel, plus drilled pedals and carbon fibre trim. The S1 is expected to debut as a concept later next year, before going on sale in 2012, with an anticipated starting price of around £25,000.

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You say "while VW MAY also add the scaled-down four-wheel-drive technology to its rugged CrossPolo and subsidiary Skoda’s Fabia Scout to further increase economies of scale".

Not true, not possible.
This is due to the fact the Audi A1/VW Polo V/SEAT Ibiza IV are all based on the same PQ25 platform, whereas the Skoda Fabia rides on the PQ24 dated platform.
One of the differences between those two platforms lies in the AWD: the PQ25 can get all wheel drive whereas the Fabia's PQ24 CANNOT.

So what is next to see is the type (probably haldex) and whether the SEAT Ibiza will have its own AWD version.

I took delivery of my golf 4 weeks ago and likewise my daughter her polo. and having had diesel Golf's and Volvo C30 for the past few years I was a little apprehensive about going back to the petrol engine, but I must say the new TSI is a dream, it's so quiet,smooth and the acceleration feels very good, better than the figures would suggest. and you don't get that surge in a more aggressive waythat some diesels give you. The feel of the car is excellent, and well done to VAG for finally reducing the size of the steering wheel. The golf has all the other features that you would hope for, and the spec. on the Match is high. I do have a slight rattle on the dash, but thinking about it not sure if I have had a car without that i the past 10, years. As for the Baby Golf (The Polo) that is a great looking car performs very well, and is a great option to the golf if you want a slightly smaller car. cabin space is a little less, but still good for me at 6ft 1. It Drives very well, mid range pull in 3rd is not quite as good as the golf, but very good for a 1.2. and feels more like a 1.6, at least!. I use my Golf for driving tuition and the pupils just love it

Based in Milton Keynes

More like "Derek working in the VW Marketing Department, Milton Keynes"

Damn, you beat me to it!!!

As for the A1 "quattro" it'll just be another Haldex-type system to vector torque to the rear in the event of reduced traction at the front. Comparing this with the rear-biased 4WD available on the larger models is inaccurate.

And what price for the A1 quattro? £25k. More like £30k with options. The final price of the ur-quattro was around £30k, if I remember correctly. If Audi do opt for such an ambitious price, they'll be treading all over the toes of the performance versions of the A3.

I fear this is just marketing hype. If not, £25k is an AWFUL LOT to pay for a city car.

OliverB states that the current Fabia uses the old PQ24 platform.

I was doubtfull, so contacted Audi UK for confirmation. They were unsure, so conacted Germany who confirmed that the Fabia used the current PQ 25.

You say you have a slight rattle on the dash and also you're not sure you've had a car in the last ten years without a rattle. I drive a 12 year old bmw 3 series with over 125K miles and there are no rattles from anywhere. The only time I have heard a rattle is when I've put something in the glove box or door bin. Anyway, glad to hear you're happy ratlling around.

It was argued by the user smike that the Skoda Fabia Mk2 is built on the PQ25 platform rather than the PQ24 one.

This is a false claim
(on the basis he says 'he had to contact Audi UK for confirmation and they provided to him information on another brand's model confirming what he was thinking of after having contacted Germany'... LOL ).

There are certain sources on the internet to be trusted, like the autonews site.
"The Ibiza is the first small model to use VW group's PQ25 architecture, which later will underpin the VW Polo."
in a time when the Skoda Fabia Mk2 not only had already been revealed, but also been sold in the market.

SEAT's CEO himself during the presentation of the Ibiza Mk4 was also commenting that the Ibiza would be the first VAG model to carry the new PQ25 platform. If he was meant to be lying, this would be against another VAG brand and for sure against VAG's interests thus undermining his own position.

Amid a rather anonymous source and a verified one,
there is no doubt what a clever mind would have to choose...

I seem to remember Top Gear commenting that the Fabia sat on the PQ25 platform, and that IT was the first VAG vehicle to do so. Whether TG could be described as a 'Trusted Source' is a matter for conjecture however... XD

Since I have cited a so-called trusted source
and you are the one who only seems to remember something loosely without though citing sources to be verified one way or another (no offence...) ,
I guess my saying should be more credible.

As for the Top gear commenting if it is spoken so,
making a mistake once as you speak could be a possibility
(making it twice makes it harder).
So I believe we should forgive the folks of TG for their ignorance.

On the contrary talking for myself,
I can bring more Autonews articles claiming that the Ibiza was the first car to use the PQ25 platform (which after all was a further development over the PQ24).
As I have said, making the same claim continuously
cannot be accidental unless you know what you are talking about (depending always on your knowledge).

According to another article
"The first use of the latest development of this platform, called PQ25, is for the new Seat Ibiza. The new-generation VW Polo will be the next model later this year, followed by the all-new Audi A1 in late 2009."

Anyway, that's it in the Autonews site for everyone interested.

Nice car but please, please dont add thos cheap looking daytime running LEDs in the front lights.

Bought 2 off you and they are rubbish.
Anyway, the rear of this motor looks like a Citroen DS3 (not good) but apart from that, looks good :)

Hanman, what is your problem with VW Audi? Both car manufactures are built to high standards and your content is to suggest that BMW is a better car than VW Audi, I have owned and tested over 40 cars including 6 BMWs and found that in reality the best around quality and best to live with is an Audi but people have different lives and tastes and a BMW is really not the best manufacture in the world, a wise man once said the under dog will always try hard to be noticed in a crowd of much better people (BMW)

A wise man once said the under dog will always try hard to be noticed in a crowd of much better that why Audi insist on fitting DLR's on all of their cars (no benefit other than standing in a crowd!) :-)

I have owned both and can't stand either brand now, mostly the people that own them and think they own the road and are better than everyone else, that said the Audi was without doubt the better of the two. Though I'd rather buy the better engineered Jaguar, the finest diesel engine coupled to great looks and driven by people with such class that it does not require them to drive like tossers. They don't need to, as they know they are driving something a little bit special!

with regards to drl, volvos have had them for years as a law in sweden suggests and i believe manufacures are slowly introducing them to all cars audi has those type with bmw the corona rings merc also has ones similar to audi and some people do like the audi lights.

This looks like the Citroen Pluriel if you squint

Maybe Audi will do a version with a canvas roof and where you can remove the roof bars and store them nowhere in the car!

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I bet derek from milton keynes is a right laugh to have a drink with o-O

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