Next Audi A6 almost undisguised

20 Oct, 2010 2:11pm Tom Phillips

Best pictures yet of the next Audi A6 show off angular LED headlights and huge shield grille.

It’s the Audi with six appeal! With the launch of the all-new Audi A6 just around the corner, the firm’s engineers have begun testing cars which are virtually stripped of their camouflage.

And that’s great news for us as these latest pictures are the closest yet to revealing the newcomer’s design. At the front, you can see that the A6 has gained a particularly angular pair of headlights. Likely to be offered with full LED technology for the first time, the units demonstrate a subtle evolution of Audi’s current design language as previewed by the smaller e-tron concepts.

Don’t be fooled by the upright trapezoidal grille of this test car though – the finished article will turn this upside down, creating an aggressive flat-bottomed diamond shape, flanked by sculpted grilles on either side of the front bumper.

The side view shows just how long the newcomer has become, while at the rear, the A6 shares a look similar in theme to that of Audi’s most recent concepts.

But while the styling might not set the world alight, the major change ofr the A6 is that it  will use Audi’s latest modular MLB platform, which underpins the A4, A5 and Q5 in steel form, and A8 in aluminium. In the A7 and A6, the chassis is 20 per cent aluminium to reduce weight, but keep costs in check. As it allows engines to be mounted further back, the newcomer promises to be the best handling A6 ever.

Engine choices comprise 2.0-litre petrol and TDI diesel units, six-cylinder 2.8 FSI and 3.0 TFSI petrols, plus two 3.0 TDI versions. Stop/start systems are likely, as is quattro four-wheel drive plus six-speed manual, seven-speed S Tronic and eight-speed autos.

An Avant estate and flagship S6 performance model powered by a new 4.0-litre V8 are planned. The A6 debuts at the Geneva Motor Show next March, before going on sale in the summer.

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Great, another ugly barge from the worlds laziest vehicle design team (well second laziest after Porsche) That lower level chrome trim is similar to what was plastered on the the Rover 75 but it somehow worked on that car, this looks like after thought. Basically I think it's revolting!

Why do they bother disguising them? I wouldn't have noticed if it drove past me undisguised. It looks exactly like the cars that do the 'executive' airport runs here. Put an aggressive driver in it and no one would give it a second look.

So is it a big A4 or a small A8, it doesnt really matter they all look the same, every single Audi looks the same and they all seem to be in the same market segment.

Yet another totally boring design from audi. Even the sides look like the old a6 barge. Get a grip and deght likesign something we mi

Boring must do better to even getme in the showroom yuk

It is exciting and brilliant. Not the car of course but the job: chief designer at Audi. Almost as good as a football player in this country.

Haven't you just printed pictures of a current A6 with some gaffer tape on it?

Tom, really? You find this car sexy? It seems you may have been trying a bit of word play on "sex appeal" - however as this is so barely different to the current A6 (and I have to agree with all the comments above) - and I find neither of them sexy I'm wondering if Audi asked you to write that or were you just a bit tired at the time?
And what is it with "promises to be the best handling A6 ever"? Who cares? Is it going to be the most comfortable and relaxing A6 ever? Will it float over our potholed, broken roads? Will it caress and cocoon me while I'm struggling down the M1 in abysmal traffic with hooligans all around trying to fight for the last square inch of tarmac? Will I feel safe and secure? No idea - but it'll handle well - excellent. So when I'm doing a few laps at Silverstone (as I'm sure all your readers do!) I'll be so glad I bought this new A6. But I won't be.

I think Audi should get rid of their design team and have the facility on their website to select one car, lets just call it 'base model' and the user has the facility to lengthen, widen and raise the dimensions of this base car - lets face it - that's all Audis seem to be these days. I understand that manufacturers of the majority of products like to have brand identity, but surely this should be the badge and not a clone of a sibling.
Hollywood recognises that you can only have so many sequels before slaughtering what was a great film, why can't Audi recognise this?

Why are Audi's latest creations so boring? The new A4 looks boring, the A8 is boring, this looks like least with a Jag you can tell whats an XF and an XJ, I'd have the Jag over anything German anyway (not being biased!) This looks dull and the wheels are too small. Come on Audi, you can do better than this surely? Actually, no you can't we've seen you're latest line or lazy creations....why would anyone that likes cars and cares about what they drive want one of these?

No comment (Due to the boredom talking about Audi AGAIN).

AE Guys, you seem to have made a mistake with this article. The pictures are surely of the current A6 or maybe the older A6, or is it an A4?

Oh sorry my mistake, there's a new chrome strip! Wow they have been busy in Bavaria again. More lazy design from the country that couldn't recognize style if it bit them on the behind!

Looks all the same to me, Same grill, same LEDs, shape...same-o same-o direction for Audi. maybe they need to learn to get more styling for Lambo.

The Audi A6 might not look very exciting, but I feel it has a Classical, Understated, tasteful Design which will age better than the BMW and Mercedes. Audi Design is not about being fancy or avantgarde but Timeless, of integrity and substance. Audi's Chief Designer Italian Walter De Silva has triumphed I feel, blending emotion, panache and traditional Teutonic Design Principles perfectly.

Thats about as boring as the revamped VW Golf. Inspired design? More likely the design team were on holiday and got a Director's PA to "facelift" this motor!

wow, not sure why all the yawn.....its just like the rest of the ,and merc, all the cars look the same all of them the new 5 bmw looks like the 7 ,and the 3 looks like the 5, all these dam cars look the same....

VAG have a design team? Could've fooled me... ;)

.....or one A8 and shrink. Audi seemed to get it right with the 1st generation A6 (excluding rebadged 100) and 2nd generation A4 (the later facelifted version proved to be a precursor to the utter blandness to come). Seriously, what are they playing at?

The world's smallest design team......

And the laziest, too!

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