Updated Audi Q7 revealed

Updated Audi Q7
19 Dec, 2011 4:02pm

Updated Q7 comes with clean new V6 diesel, and there’s now the option of high-spec S line Plus trim

Audi is cleaning up the Q7 with a new lower-output 3.0-litre diesel. The entry-level 201bhp V6 engine – first seen in the A6 – will sit alongside the 240bhp version.

The new model claims 39.2mpg economy and CO2 emissions of 189g/km, yet still sprints from 0-62mph in only 9.1 seconds and goes on to a top speed of 127mph. The Q7 also gets an eight-speed automatic box and Audi’s quattro four-wheel drive.

In addition, Audi has announced that an S line Plus trim level will be offered on the big off-roader for the first time. This adds 21-inch alloys, metallic paint and tinted windows to the spec of S line cars, plus Verano leather trim, an advanced sat-nav system, Google Earth access, in-car Wi-Fi and a reversing camera.

Prices for the new V6-engined Q7 start from £39,995 and rise to £49,120 for the S line Plus.

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What an awful looking monster. Totally inappropriate on today's roads.

What a great looking monster. Totally appropriate on todays roads for those with enough money not to care about traffic congestion or pollution. At the end of the day everyone dies together, and not because of human pollution but because mother nature is doing a clean-out, about time. Humans dont deserve to exist on this planet. Human pollution is just bad manners from an ungrateful guest.

The ride in the standard SE Q7 is marginal at best like most Audis, in the S Line it's atrocious and now to top it off you can get 21" alloys, why oh why do people put up with this just to look good???? Surely people can't be this shallow...Audi must be laughing their heads off all the way to the bank.

Order the optional Adaptive Air Suspension. Out of all the optoins this one is the one. In fact no Audi should be without it.

So now you can look good and and feel good too.

Not sure about feeling good about the polution though. Maybe get a Q3.

German engineered perfection! just don't take it off road or drive it too far

Love it when all the Audi critics come on. Love to know what you drive? The pollution of a clean Tdi is not the problem, it is the unclean factory gasses.

Get back on your bikes and stop moaning. I own a 2010 S line Q7 Tdi and when I change it, will be for the new Q7

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