Audi S1 spotted undisguised

18 May, 2011 11:38am Sam Hardy

Flagship four-wheel drive hot hatchback is caught undisguised

It's the ultimate A1 – and these are the best pictures yet of the hot hatch that will take the fight to MINI's John Cooper Works and the upcoming VW Polo R.

This is the new Audi S1, which our spies have caught undergoing testing at the Nurburgring circuit in Germany. Although painted a subtle shade of dark blue, it's obviously no ordinary small Audi – just check out the wider tracks, wider rubber, lowered suspension and twin rear exhaust pipes.

Likely to make its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show later this year, the S1 is expected to pack quattro four-wheel drive and a 220bhp 1.6-litre turbocharged petrol engine. That would make it the only all-wheel drive car in its class and the most powerful too.

With 220bhp on from a new 1.6-litre unit – the same engine will be used in the Polo R – the S1 should be able to do 0-60mph in just six seconds with a top speed of around 140mph. A six-speed manual gearbox or an optional six-speed automatic (which the A1 quattro will also use) are thought to be the transmission choices.

There's no word on price but expect the S1 to kick off at around £23,000.

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Should release this as a diesel also!

Shame its only the 1.6T and not the 2.0T.

I was hoping it would make a good trackday toy (Tuned of course).

Let me get this straight...this thing is going to have more power and cost more than the new Toyota 'supercar' ft86? Either Audi and the like are going seriously overboard with these overpriced, overpowered tiny cars or Toyota are going to have to re-think the launch of their supercar...given the expected difference in class placements (i.e. you'd expect that the ft86 sits at least 2 classes above etc) I suppose the Toyota will have to come out with 350bhp and cost nearer 35k??

As for the Audi itself, can't say I like it or would consider buying's cute'n'all, but even if I was a billionaire and literally had money to burn...there are so many hundreds of cars that I can think of that are far more interesting to look at and is far too short to waste 4yrs' of repayments (i.e. work, earning, living etc) on this.

The A1 has taken the crown from the A2 as being the runt of the Audi range.
For me the design just doesn't work.

crazy little car but i don`t think it´s the S1 cause the S1 nameplate like the M1(BMW) will surely not be sacrificed. it´s more likely the RS1!


Apart from the wheels and twin exhausts, who'd know?

Forgive me for being cynical, but perhaps they're saving the sporty bits for the RS1....... which will cost closer 30K. Just like BMW will probably do if they use the 174BHP diesel engine in the Mini Cooper SD Works (which should have gone in the standard Cooper SD)

I'm sure there's better ways of spending 20-odd grand.

and whats that stupid looking squiggle in the head lamps??

A Toyota FT-86 is not a "supercar". It's essentially a Celica, and quite likely about as quick as a Renaultsport Clio, although it looks nice.

The whole point of an S1 is to be an S-line with a big engine. It's not an RS1 or a Quattro....

The "stupid squiggle" in the headlights in the DRL strip, which looks a damn sight better than the individual LED, chavy-looking ones most cars have.

And the price.... what does spending less than £20k get you nowadays?... Other than Korean. In 5 years it'll only buy you Chinese.