New Audi TT: first pic revealed

28 Feb, 2014 4:30pm Jonathan Burn

New third-generation Audi TT teased in sketches and first official pic, set for a full reveal at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show

Audi has given us a sneak peak at the third-generation Audi TT by releasing two official sketches and a slightly murky pic of the all-new model. The wraps will come off the TT at the Geneva Motor Show, with these sketches illustrating the new model will adopt an evolutionary styling approach – retaining the familiar TT shape, with styling cues borrowed from the range-topping R8 supercar.

The official sketches closely resemble an artist’s illustration (see gallery) Auto Express commissioned of what the next-gen TT would look like. Immediate changes can be seen over the outgoing model with the restyled front end, shaped to give a more aggressive and tougher look. The reshaped grille, slimmer LED headlights and chiselled bonnet have all been inspired by the R8 supercar and e-tron concept.

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Other subtle changes include the four-ring Audi logo, which now sits above the front grille, and a more pronounced crease along the shoulder line, giving more emphasis to the flared wheel arches.

Audi TT 2014: interior

While there are no sketches of the interior, Audi has already released images and details of the revolutionary cabin the new TT will adopt. A fully integrated 12.3-inch infotainment system will replace the conventional dial cluster, relaying all data directly back to the driver. Other features include a new flat-bottomed steering wheel and air vents with a digital temperature readout.

Audi will also comprehensively rework the TT’s driving dynamics by shedding weight, helping close the performance gap to the Porsche Boxster. Under the skin Audi’s new MQB platform will for the basis for the new model, while a bodyshell predominantly crafted out of aluminium should help cut 60kg from the kerbweight. The MQB platform also allows the front wheels to move forward without affecting the positing of the engine, which helps improves ride quality and handling.

Audi TT 2014: engines

There’s no official word on what engines the third-gen TT will use but the bulk of engine options are likely to be made up of four-cylinder motors. Power will range from around 180bhp to 220bhp, while more efficient and cleaner diesel engines should also be offered. At the top of the range, the TT-S will be powered by an all-new 275bhp 2.0-litre turbo, with the TT-RS to use a reworked version of the five-cylinder 2.5-litre TFSI, expected to develop around 375bhp.

More technical details and the car itself will be revealed at Geneva next month. Expect a slightly inflated price tag of around £25,000 when the TT arrives in showrooms later this year.

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If it were a facelift, I would've said it's OK. Isn't this supposed to be a new model?!? What's new about it? New grill and lights? Don't go with MQB, FQU, etc. - 30 kgs off 1.5 t car is not a new car, but cost cutting.
Audi, come on...that's a TT!!! please try harder!

More a gentle evolution than 'new' but no prob - the finished vehicle should look clean and handsome.

Must confess I still like the Bauhaus-tech look of the original TT, so will probably hang on to mine, regardless!

I like New Audi TT previwed by official sketches

Anybody surprised? Or not bored out of their minds?

I think the interior is where the impact will be with this car. Especially with the AC controls.


Hahahaha so funny! You're a month early, Auto Express!

Clean and dull and safe.

Dull and safe to you perhaps, but the Audi look is a cooly clinical design approach that appeals to many, including me. But if you don't like that look, there are alternatives out there.

The reason that Audi styling is so dull is because that that what Audi wants. It's deliberately dull and boring to appeal to dull and boring customers. There is no shortage of these dullards so Audi are being quite clever.

Yep, dull and boring that's me, along with other techie gear and aluminium briefcase! No prob, though I'm fascinated to know what you really like by way of car design...

When you're arguing for Audi design, I'd shy away from using the word 'Clinical'. I assume both of our definitions match Google's: "Very efficient and without feeling; coldly detached". Agreed, Mr J.

Yep, maybe 'clinical' is not the right word; substitute 'precise' and perhaps we're getting there. Either way, there's plenty of room in the car world for this design look, as well as the different styling that others may prefer.

A cross between Skoda Rapide from 1979ish and Wartburg.

Blimey! Can't see it myself, though the 1958 Wartburg 313-1 tried quite hard to achieve a sporty look along the lines of Mercs of the day.