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3 Jul, 2006

Three wheelers have moved on from Del Boy Trotter's Reliant Regal van, thankfully


New Puma: our verdict

9 May, 2006

You wait four years for a Ford Puma replacement and then, just like London buses, two come along at once. Mazda's Kabura is a great-looking compact coupé, but now Ford has built its own Fiesta-based sportster - the Reflex.

Road tests

Citroen C6

21 Sep, 2005

If you think BMWs are boring and all Mercedes look the same, what sort of machine should you buy when you are looking for a big, executive car that is guaranteed to set you apart from the crowd?


BMW's New Baby Hits The Road

24 Mar, 2004

The marketing campaign told buyers to "Wait for the 1" - and this is when they find out if it has been worthwhile.

Road tests

Smart ForFour

3 Feb, 2004

There can't be many people who haven't smiled at the sight of a Smart City Coup

Road tests

Bentley Speed 8 Le Mans car

4 Nov, 2003

We don't usually feature racing cars on these pages, but this was an opportunity too good to miss. Bentley gave us the chance to have a few laps behind the wheel of a Le Mans 24 Hours winner.

Road tests

Invicta S1 coup

12 Aug, 2003

One man blocked off a lay-by to prevent us getting away and demanded to know what the car was and where he could buy one. Later, another asked for the telephone number of Invicta so he could order an S1.

Road tests

Volkswagen 1-litre

1 Jul, 2003

If you're an 'average' motorist, you spend £1,200 a year on fuel - that's the cost of travelling 12,000 miles in a typical family car in Britain today.

Road tests

Honda FCX fuel-cell

24 Jun, 2003

Thanks to films such as Gone In 60 Seconds and 2Fast 2Furious, tuned Japanese motors have become more desirable in the US than some of the traditional big-engined muscle cars.

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