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Parrot MKi9200 hands-free kit

Call to ban hands-free phones

18 Nov, 2013

Road safety charity Brake has called to ban hands-free phones while behind the wheel

Parents ignorant of child car seat rules

Parents ignorant of child car seat rules

27 Aug, 2013

Some parents never use a child seat or booster cushion when travelling with young children

Petrol and diesel vehicles could be banned by 2040

Petrol and diesel vehicles could be banned by 2040

8 Aug, 2013

Lib Dem plans could see all petrol and diesel cars banned from Britain's roads


Insurers defend black boxes after teen driver deaths

12 Jul, 2013

Teens die in car accident after speeding to get home before 11pm telematic insurance curfew

Sharp decline in number of traffic police on roads

Traffic police numbers falling

11 Jul, 2013

Figures reveal the number of traffic police in UK has fallen by 12 per cent in five years

Ford offers free extra training to new young drivers

Ford offers free training to new young drivers

25 Jun, 2013

Young motorists are to be offered extra training to improve their driving

Citroen C5

Cost of tax discs could force cars off the road

18 Jun, 2013

Thousands of used cars could be forced off the road, according to CAP

BMW i models to be sold at 46 dealers

BMW prepares to sell i3 and i8 models

22 May, 2013

BMW reveals that its i3 and i8 models will be sold in 46 of its dealerships after the cars’ launch.


BMW reveals new Genius programme

16 May, 2013

BMW Genius service will help customers understand complex tech options

Fuel station

EC raids oil firms after price fixing claims

15 May, 2013

The offices of Shell and BP have been raided after claims they may have rigged oil prices for more than a decade

Fuel sales down over five years

Fuel sales fall

17 Apr, 2013

Petrol stations are selling 3.5 billion litres less fuel than they were in 2007, according to data from the AA

Emissions tests questioned

Questions raised over car makers' emissions tests

21 Feb, 2013

The European Commission has accused manufacturers of manipulating official emissions testing to get better results

German manufacturers no longer most reliable

German cars 'among worst for engine failures'

18 Jan, 2013

Audi, BMW and VW ranked in the bottom 10 of a study into engine reliability

Motorists take wage cut driving for work

Motorists take a "wage cut" driving for work

11 Jan, 2013

Drivers who claim mileage expenses for work are being left out of pocket

Driving tests to be taken at Halfords

Halfords to offer driving tests

8 Jan, 2013

Halfords has been given the go-ahead to host practical driving tests

Thousands of drivers banned for poor eyesight

Thousands of drivers banned for poor eyesight

3 Jan, 2013

Almost 6,000 motorists have had their licences revoked or blocked because they cannot see the road properly

Subaru scraps aftercare package

Subaru scraps aftercare programme

2 Jan, 2013

Subaru will no longer offer its free aftercare package with new models

female insurance prices soar

Car insurance prices for women could rise by 24%

18 Dec, 2012

New rules could see women's insurance premiums soar from 21 December

Taxman seeks permission to break speed limit

Taxman seeks permission to break speed limit

30 Nov, 2012

Tax officials could be made exempt from speed limits under new proposals

Ban on passengers for young drivers

Ban on passengers for young drivers

23 Nov, 2012

Proposed ban on young drivers carrying passengers to cut road deaths

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