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Top 10 car care and car accessories 2013

Top 10 best car accessories 2013

27 Dec, 2013

After a year of reviews and tests, we name the 10 best car care and motoring products of 2013

Icy windscreen
Product group tests

Winter car kit: top 10 safety products

21 Nov, 2013

There’s all sorts of kit you should keep in your car when driving in winter – here are the essentials

Need for Speed Rivals review screenshots 4

Need For Speed: Rivals review

15 Nov, 2013

We review Need For Speed: Rivals, the 20th Need for Speed racing game from EA

iPhone app

Best apps for iPhone and Android mobiles

17 Oct, 2013

Best free apps and paid-for apps that help you get the most out of your car

Product group tests

Spray gun reviews - 2013 group test

10 Oct, 2013

Which spray gun is best for blasting dirt off your bodywork? We connect nine to a hose to find out

F1 online gameplay

F1 2013 review

9 Oct, 2013

We review F1 2013, the latest Formula One racing game from Codemasters


CCTV used to fine parked cars to be banned

27 Sep, 2013

Government aims to stop councils using cameras to catch drivers in illegally parked cars

Grand Theft Auto 5 car 6

GTA 5 review

25 Sep, 2013

We review Grand Theft Auto 5 – the UK's fastest selling video game ever

Product group tests

Rain repellents - reviews - 2013 group test

9 Sep, 2013

A good rain repellent can improve visibility in the wet and improve safety when driving. We test 11 to name the best

Hand sanitizer reviews
Product reviews

Hand sanitizer reviews - 2013 group test

21 Aug, 2013

We name the specialist hand sanitizers to trust after doing car DIY

DAB radio test
Product reviews

DAB radios - reviews - 2013 group test

7 Aug, 2013

You don’t have to buy a new car to get DAB radio on the move, as there’s a range of aftermarket head units available. We test eight

Hands-free kits tested
Product reviews

Hands–free kits - reviews - 2013 group test

1 Aug, 2013

A hands-free headset or speakerphone lets you make calls legally on the move - we pick from 12 top buys

Car fragrance test
Product reviews

Car fragrance reviews - 2013 group test

8 Jul, 2013

An automotive-themed fragrance makes a great gift for the car-mad. We rate the nine top brands

Buying tyres online
Product reviews

Tyre retailers - reviews - 2013 group test

8 Jul, 2013

Buying tyres online is easier than ever, and our reviews will help the tyre shopper find the perfect site

Rolls-Royce Ghost front action
Road tests

Rolls-Royce Ghost 2013

1 Jul, 2013

The new Rolls-Royce Alpine Trial Centenary comes with a host of updates

Product Awards

Product Awards 2013: Winners announced

13 Jun, 2013

Best sat-navs, bulbs, tools, tech and tyres revealed

Alloygator Alloy Wheel Protectors
Product reviews

Product Awards 2013: Product of the Year

13 Jun, 2013

Alloygator Alloy Wheel Protectors are a clever, simple and cost-effective solution to protecting your expensive rims from scrapes and scuffs

Best Clay Bars
Product reviews

Product Awards 2013: Best Clay Bars

12 Jun, 2013

We tested 12 clay bars to find out which four are the most effective

Product reviews

Product Awards 2013: Best Waxes & Polishes

12 Jun, 2013

We tested 25 car polish and wax formulas to find out which is the best to keep your paint clean

Best Glass Cleaners
Product reviews

Product Awards 2013: Best Glass Cleaners

12 Jun, 2013

We tested 16 car glass cleaners to find out which is the best to keep windows free from grime and smear marks

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