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Mileage clocking

Car clocking: is mileage correction legal?

11 Sep, 2014

We look at hi-tech mileage correction companies in the UK - and ask if what they do is really legal


Apple Watch - is the 'iWatch' legal for driving?

10 Sep, 2014

Is it legal to use Apple Watch wearable technology while driving?

Drink driving

Female drink-drive convictions almost double

9 Sep, 2014

New report calls on drink-drive limit to be lowered as number of female drink drivers has risen since 1998

Parking meter

Hospitals will ignore curbs on their parking charges, say ministers

3 Sep, 2014

Ministers warn hospitals won't adhere to new Government guidelines that try to stop "tax on the sick" charges

Peugeot 508 SW child seat

Kids' car seats carry more germs than average toilet

2 Sep, 2014

A new study has revealed children's car seats carry a range of germs and bacteria

Uninsured car seizures

Crushed: Met shows the way in £3m uninsured driver purge

28 Aug, 2014

Met police account for 38,000 of 90,000 total cars seized in the UK last year

Lexus IS 300h LT driving

Exclusive: UK driving standards are falling, but it's somebody else's fault

26 Aug, 2014

Our poll shows that 90% of motorists think UK driving standards are getting worse - but only 15% say their performance has dropped

Speed cameras on M25 set to be switched on

UK to get 900 lane miles of extra motorway and 'A' road by 2021

26 Aug, 2014

New infographic shows where £24 billion investment will be used with 900 lane miles to be added to highway network

Motorist on mobile phone

New tech developed to stop phone use at the wheel

22 Aug, 2014

Brazilian scientists reveal tech that can tell if a driver is using a phone behind the wheel

Halewood factory

UK car exports hit five million since 2010

21 Aug, 2014

British-built car exports at record high with average price doubling since 2004

Car insurance

Car hire prices: Brits charged £200 more than foreigners

19 Aug, 2014

Leading hire company charges British drivers up to £200 more than foreigners

Car insurance comparison sites

Comparison sites: can motorists trust them?

16 Aug, 2014

Price comparison sites are getting more and more popular, but are buyers getting the best deal?


Drivers risking rejection with late insurance claims

15 Aug, 2014

AXA Car Insurance reveals risk of rejection if drivers take too long to make an insurance claim


Foreign drivers' unpaid parking fines leave councils out of pocket

15 Aug, 2014

Councils are writing off millions of unpaid parking fines racked up by foreign drivers

Police stop

Men more likely to be disqualified from driving

14 Aug, 2014

Stats reveal men are much more likely to get a driving ban than women

Tractors header

Britain: Home of the tractor

10 Aug, 2014

The UK doesn't just produce world-beating cars. We visited the New Holland tractors factory, a leader in global tractor production

Speed cameras on M25 set to be switched on

Lane closures on major motorways every day in 2013

7 Aug, 2014

Majority of the most important UK motorways didn't run at full capacity for a single day last year

Black box insurance

Does in-car Black Box telematics really work?

2 Aug, 2014

Is telematics tech a solution for safer driving? We speak to some young drivers with first-hand experience of black boxes

Autonomous cars

FBI report reveals autonomous car terror threat

30 Jul, 2014

Leaked FBI report says driverless cars could be used as weapons

Air conditioning

Using air-con blunts mpg by over 6% in hybrid cars

27 Jul, 2014

Research shows fuel economy in hybrid cars is hit harder by air conditioning use than that of petrol and diesel models

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