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Abarth 695 Biposto - side view
Road tests

Abarth 695 Biposto review

4 Dec, 2014

Fiat says the Abarth 695 Biposto is the world's smallest supercar. It has the performance but price is right too

extra money

Councils in England make record parking profit

12 Dec, 2014

Spy cars blamed for £667 million parking surplus made by councils in England

No drink, No doubt

No drink, No doubt: our drink-drive campaign

10 Dec, 2014

Our drink-drive campaign, in association with IAM, calls on drivers not to drink anything before driving

Ford Mondeo 2014 static

New Ford Mondeo set to hold value better than BMW 3 Series

3 Dec, 2014

Shock as depreciation-busting Ford also beats Audi A4 and VW Passat

Dartford crossing

Dartford Crossing toll changes: what you need to know about Dart Charge

1 Dec, 2014

Dartford Crossing toll booths removed from November 30, motorists to pay 'Dart Charge' online, over the phone or at shop pay point

Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta

Record-breaking private plate to go on Ferrari 250 SWB

28 Nov, 2014

DVLA smashes British record as 25 O sells for £518,000, will sit on Ferrari previously owned by Eric Clapton

Road rage

It's official: Britain is the worst country in the world for road rage

24 Nov, 2014

Survey reveals Britain has angriest motorists, with distracted driving also an issue on UK roads

Star rating road sign

UK roads could get star ratings after report slams safety

12 Nov, 2014

Road Safety Foundation wants A-roads to achieve at least three-star rating

Learner drivers on Motorway

Driving tests of the world: the fiendishly hard to the amazingly easy

10 Nov, 2014

We compare driving tests from around the world to find the simplest and toughest places you can learn to drive

Volkswagen Jetta fuel pump

Fuel costs at four-year low and Government demands more cuts

6 Nov, 2014

Oil suppliers to be told by Treasury to pass on savings to drivers at the pumps

Subaru Outback - Eyesight test

Exclusive: we test Subaru's Eyesight autonomous safety system

3 Nov, 2014

We try the Subaru Eyesight safety system on the new Outback, due to be launched in 2015

Speed limit sign

Fake signs fool drivers into speeding fines

22 Oct, 2014

Drivers unwittingly breaking the law due to phoney speed limit signs

Driving glasses blurred vision

Millions driving blind as they're too vain for specs

22 Oct, 2014

Shock new survey reveals motorists' poor eyesight

Diesel motorway pollution smog traffic

Diesel car pollution is 25 times over legal limit

16 Oct, 2014

New report reveals even the newest diesels are breaking pollution limits when tested in real-world conditions

Damaged police car

Police spend £127million on car maintenance

14 Oct, 2014

Our exclusive investigation reveals police forces overspending vehicle fleet budgets by millions

Hydrogen fuel cells

Government to invest £11million in hydrogen fuel

9 Oct, 2014

Business minister announces 15 working hydrogen stations in the UK by 2015

Traffic jam

Diesels causing illegal air pollution levels across the UK

7 Oct, 2014

New report shows diesel emissions caused 90% of the UK to reach illegal air pollution levels in 2013

Electric car charging

EU drops targets for number of EV and hydrogen stations

7 Oct, 2014

EU scraps official targets for number of EV and hydrogen stations to be installed by member countries by 2020

Halewood factory

Best month for new car sales in a decade

6 Oct, 2014

September marks the biggest month for car sales since 2004 and 31 months of consecutive growth

Mileage clocking

Car clocking: is mileage correction legal?

11 Sep, 2014

We look at hi-tech mileage correction companies in the UK - and ask if what they do is really legal

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