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New parking sign design

Parking signs made simple: new design cuts through the confusion

23 Jul, 2014

New York woman undertakes a solo project to simplify parking sign design for the good of motorists everywhere

Car accident damage

Brits running the risk of massive Euro car rental bills

19 Jul, 2014

British motorists abroad are snubbing insurance excess waivers on their rental cars, leaving themselves open to big bills.


Will future cars be dimpled like golf balls?

12 Jul, 2014

The aerodynamic miracle that is the golf ball could give a fuel economy boost to cars of the future


Car accidents on the up in 20mph zones

10 Jul, 2014

Serious casualties resulting from road accidents in 20mph zones rose 29% in 2013 according to latest figures

Speed limit

60mph motorway speed limit rejected

8 Jul, 2014

There'll be no motorway speed limit cut to 60mph, says Transport Secretary


Germany plans car toll for foreign drivers

8 Jul, 2014

Non-German registered cars would need to buy a permit to drive on all roads

Increased speed limits helps to cut accidents

Britain's busiest speed camera made £189,000 in 2013

7 Jul, 2014

Camera on M60 most profitable as speeding offences rise three per cent from 2012

Car dealers

New car sales up 10 per cent in first six months of 2014

4 Jul, 2014

More than a million registered in 2014, the best half year total since 2005

CCTV camera car

CCTV camera car ban heralds a new ‘fair deal’ for UK motorists

3 Jul, 2014

The Government acts on an Auto Express campaign with a raft of plans including a ban on CCTV camera cars

Foreign lorry drivers

Crackdown on illegal foreign cars pays immediate dividends

30 Jun, 2014

Pilot operation proves a hit, and could be expanded across UK

Learner Guides: DVDs

54,000 learners get licence points before passing test

26 Jun, 2014

A fifth of UK motoring offenders have received points before even passing their test

Tebay motorway service station

Best UK service stations revealed

20 Jun, 2014

Tebay on the M6 voted best motorway service station in the UK, with Extra the best brand

Coffee cup

Coffee biofuel to power the cars of the future

18 Jun, 2014

Scientists find waste coffee can be made into biodiesel that could power our cars

Operation Cubo

Metropolitan Police's Operation Cubo seizes 100,000th car

12 Jun, 2014

Bentley, Ferrari, McLaren and Lamborghini model all seized in uninsured driver crackdown


What is the Uber app & why do London's black cab drivers hate it?

11 Jun, 2014

London's black cab community has today protested against the Uber app. But what exactly is it?

Alex Cooper's Vauxhall Corsa

Smooth-driving thief scores black box hit

8 Jun, 2014

Owner’s telematics box reports higher score after being recovered from a theft

Drink driving suit 1

Drink drive limit: understanding the risks

2 Jun, 2014

Real-life beer goggles: we try a new suit that shows how dangerous it is to exceed the drink drive limit on the road

Emergency braking picture

The ultimate guide to autonomous emergency braking

2 Jun, 2014

We look at new safety kit claimed to be as important as the seatbelt

£12 tool can hack your car

Major rise in car hacking thefts

30 May, 2014

Nearly half of the 21,000 car thefts in London in 2013 were down to electronic hacking

Pregnant woman

Pregnant women 42% more likely to crash... but still safer than men

26 May, 2014

Expectant mothers are 42% more likely to crash their cars than women who aren't pregnant but young men are more at risk

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