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Diesel smog, haze, pollution

Exclusive: Car makers 'can't meet' Euro6 emissions targets

3 Oct, 2015

With the VW Group emissions scandal in full swing, car makers ask EU regulators to lower NOx emissions targets for new cars


UK smoking ban: smoking in cars with kids illegal from October 1st

1 Oct, 2015

The UK ban on smoking in cars with children present applies from today. Here's everything you need to know...

German manufacturers no longer most reliable

Revamped Consumer Rights Act gives car buyers more clout

1 Oct, 2015

New Consumer Rights Act clarifies buyers’ rights, but motor car salvage changes could cause problems

Car efficiency testing - Land Rover Discovery Sport

How to test cars for real-world emissions figures

24 Sep, 2015

We meet academics at the world’s most advanced car efficiency research lab in Bath – they want to help increase real-world mpg

Spot the imposter

Can Auto Express cut it as a 21st century car salesman?

21 Sep, 2015

New video app gives buyers a virtual tour from car salesman - but can you spot our attempt?

Uninsured driver car crash

Insurers launch campaign to tackle uninsured driver surge

20 Sep, 2015

Rise of 10 per cent this year, with a third of those uninsured under 30

Ultrasound engine check

Ultrasound check to call time on car clocking

10 Sep, 2015

This device can flag if a car's mileage has been tampered with, and its maker aims to get it introduced as part of MoT

Taught by the fuzz - learner car

Government plots biggest motoring reform since 1935

1 Sep, 2015

New report to be published in October lays out plans for driving revolution - the biggest since test was introduced 80 years ago

MoT logo

It's official: 15 per cent of MoT verdicts are incorrect

26 Aug, 2015

Auto Express research reveals high number of test results are wrong, plus warning about plan for new cars' first MoT

Dartford crossing
Tips & advice

Dartford Crossing toll: Dart Charge ANPR fines chaos

17 Aug, 2015

Dart Charge ANPR cameras causing problems, but 81 per cent of appeals over fines are successful

Foreign road signs

Language skills No.1 worry for Brits driving abroad

15 Aug, 2015

Struggling to understand a foreign language is the biggest concern for Brits driving cars in foreign countries


Best car insurance companies 2015

14 Aug, 2015

Which car insurance company is best if you need to make a claim? Our Driver Power results have the answer

Best breakdown cover 2015

Best breakdown cover 2015

12 Aug, 2015

Our results reveal which breakdown cover you can rely on if the worst happens and you’re stranded at the roadside

Watchdog: Why dealers aren’t fixing your car

New consumer ombudsman to handle car complaints

12 Aug, 2015

New free online service to help consumers complain about buying cars, repairs and servicing

Penalty points, police, speeding

A third of drivers with 12 points avoid a driving ban

10 Aug, 2015

FOI request reveals over 7,000 of the 19,848 drivers with 12 or more points on licence in July are still on the road

Best car dealers 2015

Best car dealers 2015

10 Aug, 2015

Which manufacturer's car dealers do you trust? And which do you avoid? Our results, from 61,000 readers, reveal all

Kia Soul vs BMw i3

Rise of electric cars to bring £5bn Govt tax shortfall

5 Aug, 2015

Increasing popularity of low tax electric cars will cause major funding problems for the Government in the future

Ford Transit at 50 header shot

Ford Transit: 50 years as the backbone of Britain

4 Aug, 2015

As Ford’s Transit celebrates its 50th birthday, we look at how it’s evolved into a van legend and meet the people behind it

Left hand driving school

Driving on the right: we take our left-hand drive test

Featured in: Driving abroad: your holiday car guide

30 Jul, 2015

Driving abroad can be extremely stressful. We take the new test designed to improve driving safely on your holiday

Motorway lane closure

What is Operation Stack?

29 Jul, 2015

Operation Stack means HGVs queuing on the M20 in Kent resulting in traffic chaos for holiday makers and local residents

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