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Tax disc

Rise in untaxed vehicles following death of tax disc

1 Jul, 2015

Figures show increase in drivers caught without tax; ignorance of law being blamed

MINI factory tour - production line

UK car industry hits all-time high

30 Jun, 2015

Car production, jobs and exports all rise in UK while CO2 emissions go down as industry booms

Learner, driving test, driving licence, pass, l plate

10 bizarre reasons for failing a driving test

28 Jun, 2015

As the driving test celebrates 80 years, we look at the most absurd explanations for failing to pass

Car dealers

UK Motorists don't trust used car dealers

25 Jun, 2015

A third of car owners wouldn't go back to the same used car dealer in the future

Customer complaint forms have been tampered with

New law to make complaints against car manufacturers easier

18 Jun, 2015

Alternative Dispute Resolution legislation will make companies pass dissatisfied consumers on to a resolution provider

Counterpart driving licence

UK paper driving licence axed: what it means for you

9 Jun, 2015

The UK paper counterpart driving licence is no more - we explain what the changes mean for you

Dartford crossing

Dartford Crossing toll changes: concern over new tech charging wrong drivers

5 Jun, 2015

Dartford Crossing ANPR cameras have led to innocent motorists being charged - here's all you need to know about the new system

Driving Test

UK driving test pass rates explained

4 Jun, 2015

We examine the latest stats on driving test pass rates to help you compare UK driving test centres

Young driver

Cheaper car insurance for young drivers: our top tips

4 Jun, 2015

How young drivers can find the cheapest car insurance deal and avoid paying too much when it's time to renew

Speed camera

Quarter of UK’s speed cameras switched off

3 Jun, 2015

Shock figures reveal 391 of 1,714 fixed cameras not in use, with mobile sites filling the void

Prodrive Winter Driving Course

Best intensive driving courses

2 Jun, 2015

Everyone likes the idea of learning to drive in a week or two but are intensive driving courses value for money?

Learner, driving test, driving licence, pass, l plate

Should the driving test be brought up to date?

1 Jun, 2015

On the 80th anniversary of the driving test, we ask if it needs rethinking - and experts tell us what needs to change


The history of the driving test

1 Jun, 2015

The driving test is 80 years old, so we take a look back at its 110-year history

New Audi Q3 2015 driving

What does your car say about you?

28 May, 2015

We use YouGov’s Profiler tool to see if associations people make with certain car brands are fair


What is the Uber app & why do London's black cab drivers hate it?

27 May, 2015

London's black cab community has protested again against the Uber app. But what exactly is it?

Citroen DS Pallas

Hundreds of classic cars set for UK extinction

27 May, 2015

Latest Department of Transport figures show numbers of some legendary classic cars on UK roads are dwindling

Motorway lane closure

Road closures cost us £1bn last year

21 May, 2015

England saw more than 500k road closures in 2014 at an estimated cost of one billion Pounds. Safety chief calls for action

Inside the world's best driving simulator - close

Inside the world's best driving simulator

21 May, 2015

A £2million, UK-developed driving simulator is breaking new ground for the motor industry. We get behind the wheel

Rear end shunt - car crash

True benefits of auto braking car tech finally revealed

19 May, 2015

Cars with Autonomous Emergency Braking fitted are 38 per cent less likely to have a rear-end shunt

Emissions tests questioned

Real-world mpg tests still five years away

15 May, 2015

European carmakers want to delay new real-world emissions and mpg tests by three years

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