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Insurance clamdown

Uninsured drivers escaping with small fines

14 Apr, 2014

Motorists caught driving without car insurance being fined less than half the average cost for insuring a car.

Number plates

UK number plates could be scrapped under EU law

11 Apr, 2014

MEPs will vote on proposals to introduce a single-coloured plate across the EU

Earthquake in Italy

Italy is the worst country to drive in, say British motorists

10 Apr, 2014

Brits rate Italian drivers and road network as the most dangerous, according to new study


UK's regions with worst-kept cars revealed

4 Apr, 2014

Stats show where drivers have received most fines for poor maintenance

MINI Cooper D 2014 front action

MINI Cooper D deliveries delayed due to noise problems

26 Mar, 2014

Louder-than-expected diesel engine delays delivery of new MINI Cooper D


UK car drivers hate Mondays

23 Mar, 2014

Monday confirmed as the worst day of the week for motorists with more insurance claims than any other day.

Autumn Statement: what can you expect?

Budget 2014: Fuel duty frozen and £200m pothole repair fund

19 Mar, 2014

The Chancellor announces the 2014 Budget and confirms freeze on fuel duty as expected. New £1 coin to cost councils millions

Place Charles de Gaulle, Paris, France

Paris car ban lifted after just one day

18 Mar, 2014

City car ban helps cut pollution while police issue 4,000 fines

Policeman and motorist

Police stop over 5,000 drivers for lane hogging and tailgating

17 Mar, 2014

Exclusive figures reveal impact of new careless driving laws after six months

Workplace 'parking tax'

Minimum parking bay size to be axed as cars get too big

14 Mar, 2014

Government set to give councils power to set car parking space sizes as current minimum size is too small for modern cars

Speed cameras

Variable speed limits could help traffic flow in motorway roadworks

14 Mar, 2014

Highways Agency is looking into alterations during off-peak times or when workers aren't on site

fuel pump display

Pump price fury as UK tops EU fuel tax table

14 Mar, 2014

Figures show that tax makes up 59 per cent of diesel and 61 per cent of petrol prices in the UK


Nearly half of England's road markings need replacing

13 Mar, 2014

Just 16 per cent of motorway white lines are in excellent condition with M3 in Surrey the worst

x-ray car

Black box car insurance to become the norm

8 Mar, 2014

Telematics and pay-as-you-drive car insurance cover are likely to take over from conventional car insurance policies.

Petrol station

Petrol price gap between rural and urban areas closes

21 Feb, 2014

Postcode lottery appears to be at an end according to latest AA fuel report

Should smoking in cars be banned?

Smoking in cars carrying kids will be banned

11 Feb, 2014

MPs voted in favour of a ban on smoking in cars carrying children

Catalytic converter

New efficient catalytic converter that could save you money

10 Feb, 2014

Unique new design could reduce emissions and make cars cheaper to run

The Police

Secret EU plan for police to remotely stop your car

30 Jan, 2014

Leaked documents reveal plans for universal remote stopping system by 2020


Nick Clegg launches 'Go Ultra Low' with £9.3m investment

30 Jan, 2014

New Government campaign invests millions into chargepoints for ultra-low emission vehicles

Drink driving

Drink driving arrests down over Christmas and New Year

29 Jan, 2014

Association of Chief Police Officers breathalysed a record number but fewer tested positive than 2012

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