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Watchdog: New clamping law

Watchdog: Clamping law

19 Sep, 2012

New law will make clamping a thing of the past, forcing car park operators to justify penalties

Nissan Qashqai recall

Nissan Qashqai recall

14 Sep, 2012

Nissan has issued a safety recall for 51,000 Qashqais worldwide, over a loose steering-wheel fault

Subaru concept

Wireless technology

13 Sep, 2012

Cars will soon go wireless to make them cheaper and more efficient, according to scientists

Ford Fiesta ECOnetic
Used car tests

Car hunter: Tax-free superminis

13 Sep, 2012

Our reader has £6,000 to spend on a road tax-exempt supermini

Fuel price investigation

Fuel price investigation confirmed

7 Sep, 2012

Office of Fair Trading (OFT) confirms investigation into fuel prices

Modified Peugeot 106

Modified cars could face MOT fail

6 Sep, 2012

EU rules could mean modified cars could fail MOT. Even for tow bar and stereo upgrades

Watchdog: Faulty safety systems

Watchdog: Faulty safety systems

5 Sep, 2012

Why fork out on expensive safety systems if you can't rely on them?

Patrick McLouglin Transport Secretary

Cabinet reshuffle brings new Transport Secretary

4 Sep, 2012

Justine Greening replaced by Patrick McLoughlin in David Cameron’s cabinet


Kia Soul owner’s YouTube protest

3 Sep, 2012

Frustrated Kia Soul owner takes to YouTube to tell Kia that “you can do better”

Volvo V40 crash test

Euro NCAP results

29 Aug, 2012

The new Volvo V40 has received the highest ever score, thanks to its Pedestrian Airbag tech

Autobrake Ford Focus

Insurers to offer up to £60 Autobrake discount

24 Aug, 2012

Savings on premiums for cars fitted with emergency braking tech

Shelby GT500 Cobra front

Shelby GT500 Cobra

17 Aug, 2012

One-off 850bhp Shelby GT500 Cobra has been built as a tribute to the late Carroll Shelby


£300,000 worth of 'Games Lanes' fines

13 Aug, 2012

2,400 motorists penalised for driving on the Olympic Route Network

Ford Fiesta

New car sales surge

10 Aug, 2012

Registrations were up by 9.3 per cent in July, and the Ford Fiesta is still at the top of charts

Car clamp

New appeal service for private car parks

9 Aug, 2012

Scheme will offer similar arbitration service to council-run car parks

Audi dealer cameras

Audi launches dealer cams

9 Aug, 2012

Audi workshops will now video problems, then post the footage online for customers to see

Motorcyclists should be road safety priority

Bikers' safety a “priority”

6 Aug, 2012

Government must overhaul roads to protect motorcyclists, says the Institute of Advanced Motorists

Car key theft

Fudged car crime figures

3 Aug, 2012

Official crime statistics ignore car key theft, distorting the true scale of vehicle crime

Speed camera

Speed cameras cut deaths

2 Aug, 2012

Figures show cameras have slashed fatalities by 68 per cent on roads in Scotland

mi Technology city car

City car to cut teens' insurance

2 Aug, 2012

Government backs new hi-tech, hybrid city car concept for young drivers

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