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Road tests


16 Oct, 2009

Verdict on the car that’s leading BMW’s electric revolution.

Long-term tests

Mazda 2

18 Sep, 2009

After much deliberating, our supermini has finally made it out of town!

Long-term tests

Mazda 2: 1,588 miles

17 Jul, 2009

First REPORT: Baby turns heads with garish paintjob. But is its beauty more than skin deep?

911 Targa
Road tests

911 Targa

26 Sep, 2008

Porsche’s Carrera 4 has a powered glass roof

Jaguar X-Type
Road tests

Jaguar X-Type 2008 review

11 Jun, 2008

Jaguar has made 500 changes to breathe life into its dated compact exec.

Mercedes CLC
Road tests

Mercedes CLC 220 CDI SE

30 Apr, 2008

Entry-level Mercedes coupé given striking facelift.

Merc front
Road tests

Mercedes SLK 200 K

20 Feb, 2008

A raft of improvements mean the sporty SLK is ready to challenge for class honours.

BMW 1-Series convertible
Road tests

BMW 1-Series

30 Jan, 2008

We take to the road in the new drop-top version of the BMW 1-Series.

Renault Clio Sport Tourer
Road tests

Renault Clio

9 Jan, 2008

Who would have thought it? Small estates are now all the rage among manufacturers, who are looking to give their compact cars big appeal. Here is Renault's contender.

Renault Grand Modus
Road tests

Renault Grand Modus

19 Dec, 2007

Grand Modus is a super-sized evolution of the freshly facelifted Modus. We try it on for size.

Cherokee front
Road tests

Jeep Cherokee

12 Nov, 2007

With rugged new looks and tweaked mechanicals, the revised Cherokee is set to take on the tough SUV market.

Voyager front
Road tests

Chrysler Grand Voyager

12 Nov, 2007

The Grand Voyager was the world's first MPV, and now it wants to be the best too.

Chevrolet Captiva LT
Road tests

Chevrolet Captiva

5 Jun, 2007

The Chevrolet Captiva gets a make-over with the refined, if slightly expensive, Captiva LT

Land Rover Freelander TD4
Road tests

Land Rover Freelander

22 May, 2007

The latest Freelander provides an effortless ride and better economy than its predecessor

Dodge Avenger 2.0
Road tests

Dodge Avenger

27 Mar, 2007

A decent engine and a reasonable price tag make the Dodge Avenger worth a second look

Jeep Compass
Road tests

Jeep Compass

27 Feb, 2007

The first 'soft-roader' from Jeep is good, but can it face the competition from cross-over hatches?

Road tests

Subaru B9 Tribeca

9 Aug, 2006

Who better to design an off-roader than Subaru?

Front view of Audi TT Coupe
Road tests

Audi TT

12 Apr, 2006

Auto Express has done it again! We're the world's first magazine to get behind the wheel of the new TT, unveiled in Germany

Front view of Cadillac BLS
Road tests

Cadillac BLS

15 Mar, 2006

If ever an American model should be a success in the UK, this is it - the BLS. Could it be the American dream?

Road tests

Alfa Romeo 159

1 Mar, 2006

When it comes to producing beautiful cars, no one does it better than Alfa Romeo. Whether it's a sporty coup� or a svelte estate, jaw-dropping styling comes as standard.

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