Hottest Bentley breaks cover!

13 May, 2009 5:40pm Jamie Fretwell

Most powerful production Bentley ever caught out testing

Packing an almighty 630bhp, this is the photo that proves Bentley is nearing production status with its  £150,000 Continental Supersports.

The British beast was caught out testing, as engineers put the finishing touches to the car's set-up before it hits showrooms in the autumn.

These pictures give a clear view of the the massive front intakes and twin bonnet vents, as well as the muscular bodykit, flared rear wheelarches and wider side sills. Larger-diameter twin exhaust pipes and a modified rear valance finish off the pumped-up styling package.

Under the hood is an uprated 6.0-litre twin-turbocharged W12 engine, producing 621bhp at 6,000rpm – 21bhp more than the GT Speed. A rear-bias all-wheel drive set up aims to make this the most driveable Bentley ever.

The interior is a distinctively Bentley affair, with alcantra and detailled trim, but carbon fibre and Alcantara suede have also been fitted in a first for the company. Two ightweight sports seats feature carbon-fibre backs, and can be taillored to the buyers exact specifications.

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