Best 7-seater cars to buy in 2015

Citroen Grand C4 Picasso - front tracking
9 Sep, 2015 12:15pm Sam Naylor

Here is our list of the top 10 best 7-seater cars to buy, from MPVs to large SUVs and off-roaders

Those looking for a 7-seater car will sometimes feel like their only option is a dull MPV - but it doesn't have to be that way. Not only are the best MPVs stylish and good to drive, you can also choose from a variety of chic SUVs as well.

Traditional 7-seaters tend to be MPVs, but there are also van-based 7-seaters and SUVs that fit the bill just as well, there's something for everyone in this market. You're never going to get sports car looks with room for seven, but today's MPVs and SUVs don't look half bad - so it's worth considering your full range of options.

All of the models on our handy list here have seven seats, so have a browse through each page and see which one appeals the most. Then head to our in-depth reviews for each one to get the full details to help decide whether it's right for you.

Land Rover Discovery Sport - front static

Make sure you know what sort of car you'll need before you get your heart set one something - a large family that will need to use the seats all the time will be better off with an MPV or similar, as the extra seats are more comfortable. SUVs can sometimes work too, though -  go for something like the Land Rover Discovery and even adults will be able to sit in the extra seats.

Those who only need the extra seats occasionally but also need a large boot when only five seats are needed, will want to look for a model with an easily foldable third row of seats. These can be cramped for adult-size passengers but store away beneath the boot floor when not in use.

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The nature of these 7-seat cars is that they wil be carrying a lot of weight around, so many are not even available with petrol engines. The torquey power delivery of diesels suits them much better and allows higher fuel economy even with a lot of people on board.

So whatever you're looking for in your next seven-seater car, click on the links to the left to see our top picks to help you decide. 

Best 7-seaters 2015

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