BMW 2 Series Active Tourer 2014 debuts at Geneva show

4 Mar, 2014 12:17pm Jack Rix

The BMW 2 Series Active Tourer is the first FWD model from the company and a 7-seater model will follow

The BMW 2 Series Active Tourer - BMW’s first ever front-wheel-drive model - has been revealed at the Geneva Motor Show 2014.

Despite its name, the AT is unrelated to the 2 Series Coupe, using the same platform as the new MINI instead. BMW has extended the wheelbase, though, to a more family-friendly 2,670mm – that’s 30mm shorter than the Mercedes B-Class.

For the moment it’s a five-seater – a seven-seater arrives later in the year – but BMW has boosted practicality with sliding and reclining rear seats that allow you to increase the space for passengers at the expense of boot space, and vice versa. Maximum boot space stands at 468 litres – about 20 litres down on the B-Class –but you can fold the seats down 40:20:40 to 1,510 litres. You can fold down the passenger seat if you need to carry objects up to 2.40m long.

BMW 2 Series Active Tourer 2014 rear detail

BMW 2 Series Active Tourer engines & specs

Engines are borrowed from the latest MINI, kicking off with a 1.5-litre three-cylinder turbo in the 218i. It boasts 134bhp, covers 0-62mph in 9.3 seconds and returns up to 57.6mpg. The 218d gets a 2.0-litre diesel engine, producing 148bhp but can also return 68.9mpg – making this the cleanest model in the line-up. There’s also a flagship 225i xDrive version, powered by a 228bhp 2.0-litre turbo.

A few months after the initial launch BMW will introduce 220i, 220d and 216d models as well as four-wheel drive Active Tourers. A six-speed manual comes as standard but there are six-speed and eight-speed autos available, too.

To improve the handling BMW is offering M Sport suspension, which is 10mm lower than the standard set-up, plus you can spec adaptive dampers. As well as the typically luxurious BMW interior, there’s a range of hi-tech features and options, too, like a head-up display and a Traffic Jam Assistant, which can steer, accelerate and brake for you in traffic up to 40mph.

Buyers can pick between a basic 2 Active Tourer or opt for the Luxury or Sport Line models, with each boasting a bespoke look. An M Sport variant will be introduced in November. Order books for the 2 Series Active Tourer are open now, with first deliveries in September and prices starting from under £23,000.

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So in terms of power:
218i ~ 116i
225i ~ 118i
218d a bit more than 118d

With the 218i at 134 bhp and the 225i at 168 bhp, how much power will the 220i have? There's no room for it! There must be something wrong in this article...

Edit: According to another site, the 225i will have 227 bhp. This makes more sense.

one extremely ugly car

It's an MPV.. Get used to it.. And is one of the best MPVs out there.. Don't like it, don't buy it

Why are they doing this? The smart money is in the SUV market...

How can you say that? Have you driven it? Have you read any in-depth reports to form that judgement?

I agree that calling an MPV ugly is just too easy, but I'm not sure how you can rate it as "one of the best MPVs out there" when no one has driven it yet and when the prices and equipment levels aren't finalised.
As an owner of the current MINI (Clubman) I'm sure it will drive well for an FWD car, on the next-gen MINI chassis, but I'm not sure what else, apart from the badge, it brings new to the class.

I like BMW 2 Series Active Tourer 2014 revealed

I like it very much, and it might well suit my family life. Sensible front wheel drive and practical interior arrangement. I might even consider a BMW now, just need to see how affordable the 12-24 month old used ones are in the future.

3 cylinder for car this size ?? pmsl.... what a monstrocity, this or a mini country man dunno whats worse !

Another niche ticked off by BMW but they don't seem to have put a lot of effort into styling this one. Its a NO from me I'm afraid.

Being an MPV doesn't make a car ugly. It's design is what makes a car ugly. This car is ugly. BMW's pig nosed designs are forgiven, and have been for years because their cars are so good.

What do you know that BMW engineers don't? And why aren't you being paid to design these cars?

"It boasts 134bhp, covers 0-62mph in 9.3 seconds and returns up to 57.6mpg."

Not really much wrong with that. More power than a 4 cylinder Ford 2.0 Duratec.

"pmsl"? You probably don't need the 'l'.

Ugly is subjective and however much you think of yourself, your opinion is not necessarily shared by everyone.

I was talking about the design..

My mistake.. Sorry.. I was talking about its design

Definitely this is MOM's car..practicality at its best n that too with 7 seats B class will loose the race...

No its not ugly.

No its not.

They already have that segment covered.

Not very well. The X1 is a decidedly substandard product, the X3 is being thrashed in the sales charts by the Evoque et al, and the X5 has been subject to an appalling facelift. The money would have been better spent either improving the existing range of crossovers, or indeed creating some form of X7 Range Rover rival. People are willing to pay a premium for an SUV as their family car, and they do less brand damage IMO than this car. Oh, and for the record, the FWD thing is saddening too.

It's extremely blatant copy of Kia Carens.. I mean from almost any angle and in every shape

They do have improved X vehicles in the pipeline.

And FWD is sensible, for additional market segment that this car is aimed at, people who drive sensibly, never get near the type of driving where RWD actually makes a difference. For them, having a fat transmission tunnel is just a waste of interior space.

And this will probably improve brand image, remember that the popular opinion of BMW drivers is "to55sers".

Specsavers. One on every high street. Go there.

FWD makes no sense here.

The transmission tunnel argument is invalid, as this will still be present due to the xdrive equivalents of this model.

Take issue with the idea that sensible drivers won't appreciate RWD, as this is clearly incorrect, with driving characteristics such as torque steer still making themselves (irritatingly) felt. People who buy into the BMW brand expect certain driving characteristics, and I'm unconvinced that this will deliver the correct experience.

Also failing to see how such a frankly mumsy car will improve brand image... I reckon this is much improved in recent years due to the movement of 'to55ers' to Audi. The image isn't problematic enough to put buyers off in the first place, either way.

IMO this is merely an attempt to flog an extra dime from the shiny new Mini FWD platform, which already irks me in its original form. The MPV segment is in the dolldrums anyway; just ask Renault, the original masters of the segment, who are now focussing their efforts almost entirely on smaller models.