BMW's new M3 pick-up

1 Apr, 2011 10:41am Tom Phillips

BMW reveal all-new addition to M3 line-up, pick up truck blends space and pace, with 414bhp V8 engine

Would ute believe it! BMW has revealed this pick-up truck version of the V8-powered M3.

It uses the same 4.0-litre engine as the standard machine, sending 414bhp and 400Nm of torque straight to the rear-wheels via a six-speed manual gearbox. Final performance stats haven’t yet been released, but BMW claims that despite the new bodystyle the newcomer has reached 186mph in testing.
There are performance advantages too, as the M3 pick-up has shed 50kg from its kerbweight – particularly over the rear axle, making for a more lively handling experience. The large loading bay doesn’t increase aerodynamic drag either.

Despite its utilitarian appearance, the cabin is similarly well appointed to that of the standard M3, featuring M-badged leather bucket seats, steering wheel and gearlever. It also comes with a removable targa roof that cuts an extra 20kg and lowers the centre of gravity when it is removed.

It’s more practical than the standard saloon too, and although the low suspension and 18-inch alloy wheels mean it won’t quite be at home on the farm, the M3 pick-up’s load capacity has been raised to 450kg and a trailer tow hitch – for caravans, boats, or other trailers – is an M3 first. It’s lined with lightweight aluminium, and BMW claim there’s enough space for 20 full-sized golf bags.

BMW has gone through all the necessary requirements to make the pick-up road legal, but there’s still no word yet of when a full production version will join the rest of the M3 range, although it’s unlikely to be before April 1st 2012, so patience will be required for any Mitsubishi Warrior owners keen to move upmarket.

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a totally pointless vehicle and a totally pointless article....... cant you lot find something interesting and useful to report to us?

Not sure why you waited until the 1st of April to publish this, as most things reported are photoshops and totally made up stories, so April Fools day really should be no different in the Auto Express headlines

It's a chav's dream...

They waited because BMW released this for April Fools. If some people can't respect press embargoes, well then more fool them.

Surely this is an AutoExpress April Fool! BMW would not stoop so low!

Seriously. Aussies love their utes....and I'm sure this will sell well. BMW should consider it (but dress it up a

nice tinkertoy , bit I'll wait till the dually comes out for some serious hauling . My kid bro can hardly wait for an off road 4X4 that he can jack it & put mud monsters on each corner .

look at the date for christ's sake! 1st of april??! why would bmw even think to mass produce something like this, jokes on all you believers lol

look at the date for christ's sake! 1st of april??! why would bmw even think to mass produce something like this, jokes on all you believers lol

I think this is brilliant!! Would love to own one!!!

Sorry all.......

So whats this one then? The March 16th fools joke?

Must be!!!!

An april fools joke maybe, but there are Holdens in Oz capable of rear wheel drive sideways action, all standard pick ups in an Aussies world!!


The sheep would enjoy the ride