BMW 2 Series on way

15 Aug, 2011 4:26pm Sam Hardy

Replacements for BMW 1 Series Coupe and Convertible will wear the new 2 Series badge and are set to debut in 2013

There’s a numbers game being played at BMW – and it’s going to result in a shake-up of the way the firm’s models are badged. Bosses in Munich are rumoured to be launching an all-new name: the 2 Series. And it could sit on the back of this striking coupe.

The car is set to debut in 2013, and will be based on the recently launched second-generation 1 Series. It effectively supersedes the current 1 Series Coupe. A Convertible version is also planned, as is a flagship high-performance M2. The latter will replace the limited-edition 1 Series M Coupe.

The move to add another model designation will allow BMW to separate the sportier 1 Series-based models from the regular five-doors, allowing them to move further upmarket.

Marking out the newcomer from the hatch is a sleeker look, with the latest 1 Series nose allied to wider wheelarches and a steeply raked roofline. Plus, the 2 Series will be tuned to offer sportier handling. As with the current 1 Series Convertible, the new drop-top is likely to get an electric folding canvas roof.

Engines will be shared with the 1 Series, and will include the 1.6-litre TwinPower turbocharged four-cylinder petrol unit, which currently offers up to 170bhp in the 118i. Among the diesel options will be a revised 2.0-litre, delivering up to 181bhp.

However, an uprated 3.0-litre straight-six-cylinder turbo petrol engine is on the cards for the 1 and 2 Series. This will deliver between 250bhp and 350bhp.

The new 2 Series models are not the only rebadged BMWs on the cards. There are rumours that the company will apply a similar strategy to the 3 Series, renaming the Coupe and Convertible as the 4 Series.

A few weeks ago we revealed that the new badge is set to grace the forthcoming GT hatch – but it appears the 4 Series tag could be saved for just the Coupé and drop-top variants. BMW is following Audi, which has set the A5 Coupe, Cabriolet and hatch apart from the regular A4 line-up.

Versions of the all-new 4 Series are still some way away. The next-generation 3 Series doesn’t go on sale until early next year, after debuting at next month’s Frankfurt Motor Show, so other models based on this platform aren’t likely to arrive until 2013.

Further up the range, the 6 Series line-up is expanding with a new four-seater, four-door coupe based on the Gran Coupe concept. This is due in showrooms next year.

The rebadging strategy, which sees even numbers refer to sporty derivatives, also leaves the door open for a return of the 8 Series name, last used on BMW’s flagship Nineties coupe.

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..... kind of like a baby 6 series. But the proportions look much better.

Shock, Horror! A BM I actually like the look of. There's hope yet.

All these new additional Models coming to a market thats currently SHRINKING!!!!, does this make sense?, you tell me.

Come on guys, sharpen up. Look at the 5-door pic. No car the length of the 1 Series can have a roof that low, even midgets would have difficulty getting in. Stick the pic on Photoshop and shorten it then you'll see what the 2 Series may really look like.
The big question is will they fit a folding boot lid as on the 5 Series to turn this into a hatchback? Then it becomes a useful car with many more users to sell to.

The four-door coupe is a 6 Series and based on the Gran Coupe concept so will be much longer than a 1 Series – and the GT hatchback in red will probably be badged the 4 Series.

Apologies for the poor signposting, we don't have the functionality for captions yet but will do soon.

Auto Express

Was on the back of a farmers german BMW LOL

Not a bad looking car at all but I wouldn't want to own a BMW ever

Well picked Tooyoo.
The proliferation of models is not as great as it looks.
The 3 series coupe/conv become a 4 series, ditto with the 1 - 2 series. New 1 - 2 series is a great improvement looks wise.
Liverpool - you don't know what you are missing out on. That's why we BMW owners look so happy - not to mention good looking.

In the magazine it states that this pic is how the new 2-series could look - thus is a knocked up piece of artwork that might look nothing like the actual model. It's also the reason why I put the magazine back on the shelf - I want to read and look at factual information not made up stuff.

...and BMW drivers probably do look good looking - anyone would when sitting in the ugliest cars in the world

I was once a person who said "I'd never own a BMW" now on me 2nd and I would not touch anythin else. They ooze class, they are perfect drivers cars and build quality is superb. Ya getz what ya payz for!
They are certainly NOT ugly cars....Specsavers calls I think there!
Things will be even better when we get our own lanes on the Motorways of course!

Imaginitive titled car..........not. Well they've run out of single digit numbers now as I am sure they wouldn't have a Nine Series (Nien Series) Ha Ha Ha. Good looking car if that's what it ends up being produced, but I'll stick with me ol' 3 Series thanks.

...since the horrific damage done to the brand's styling by Bangle. Who could ever say the first Bangle 7 series was good looking? It was just a load of odd shapes thrown together with the intention of being different and controversial however ugly it ended up looking - the car equivalent of Mr Potato head constructed by a 2 year old. A modern day example of 'the Emperor's new clothes' - only BMW fanatics with a misguided brand loyalty bought them whilst everyone else laughed at them.

This 2 series doesn't look too bad apart from the 'dopey face' look at the front - but then BMW probably isn't responsible for this picture!

People who buy and continue to buy BMW's do so because they are great cars to drive. Drive a straight six and you wont want to go back. I love great looking cars but I would rather drive a an ugly BMW than a great looking but crap car. One you are inside you forget what they look like, its all about the driving experience. Most people who criticize have never driven a BMW.

I hate the styling of the 1 series but was blown away when I drove a 123D MSport. I almost bought one until the price of what I regard as essential options pushed it over my budget and common sense kicked in.

What makes me so bitter about BMW styling is the fact that the engineering expertise is second to none. If they looked good too (in my opinion), they would indeed be perfect and that's a big fly in the ointment for me.

I have fond memories of the old pre-Bangle models, such as the 7 series (the one used in the film Transporter) when they had aggressively understated good looks to match their driving excellence.

PS - I still stand by my comments on the first Bangle 7 series - the Jag XJ and Mercedes S Class were arguably as good (if not better) to drive so it wasn't just about looks.

BMW, just like Mercedes and Jaguar (until mid 90s) are aspirational cars. They identify people that never had a lot of money are are seeking attention and recognition further to a change in financial status (unfortunately I own a C-class so I am part of this bunch, so please do not take the statement as a personal offense. To add insult over injury, Mercedes is probably the most expensive car to run in the world, so a much worse option than the bimmer).

BMW are not pretty (except the new 6 series for BMW... and the SLs fos Mercedes). I think - with the exception of the innovative late 5 series that was an intriguing piece of design- they are dull and boring.

I think the hatch 1 Series is one of the ugliest hatches on the market, with average dynamics, cramped interior and poor visibility). The new 1 series that traces its DNA to the 1970's 2000 series is a better call, but its bulk lines give you the impression of a downsized larger car. The convertible has more attire, but with the British weather, the topless option tops 30 days a year....

BMW attracts also people that hook into the myth: The BMW drivers feel compell to act and lookalike the characters the sales campaign educate them to be.

I avoid every day a couple traffic incidents with BMW drivers that mistake the city/town for a rally event (and most of them, are average Joe in terms of driving skills). A piece an advice to this excited category: cross the channel, head for Aachen and then hit the Autobahns to put your money where your mouth is and drive in the fast lane....or if you are more adventurous, take the French Autoroutes to Grenoble, take the Route apoleon and drive as fast as you can....

I also believe indicators should be an option for BMW, not a standard feature...

The plus for BMW is the build quality, good relaiability (compared to A, B and C class Mercedes pretty much anything on the market is better in terms of reliability and running costs), still acceptable customer service (thanks to the draconian standards imposed by the Munich-based firm).

I think the real revolution will be the BMW I8 (which is the carbon copy of the Audi R8), and if the price will be matched by reliability in the long run, it worth paying £80 K for a car that will have extremely low running costs than paying ~ £30 K (+£ thousands for maintenance and £££ for petrol/diesel) every five years for expensive to run cars.

I've been driving new generation English Jaguars for a few years.. and they drive every bit as good as BMW.. A big V to BMW man who think they are driving the ultimate driving machine LOOL

has this car been in an accident or something, it looks like the front end has been dented and headlights being all misaligned. What a way to design cars, design a perfectly good car and then before the photo shoot smash into a wall. Now why didn't i think of that, must be new age thinking!

I don't want a five and I don't want a 7. I want a six series with rear doors - I can't stand people scuffing my interior climbing in and out of a coupe.
The 6 looks great and for occasional rear seat use is perfect for me.
That 2 series I'd say is the C Class coupe's best competitor.
The 3 is going to have to move up to match the E class and the 6 to match a cl.
Perfect model line up!

stunning german engineering will look great in a British scrap yard

Do any of them cost less than a zillion quid for parts and service yet? The Series numbers actually refer to the scheduled service costs - 1 Series, 1,000 pounds;
3 Series, three thousand pounds; and the new 8 Series, eight thousand pounds. Don't say you weren't told in advance.

Ha i remember auto express first 'mock up' of the 2 series. It was completely wrong, it looks nothing like this

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