6-Series ‘estate’ is a shooting star

6-Series ‘estate’ is a shooting star
Credits: Owen Ready
3 Aug, 2010 4:43pm Tom Phillips

BMW readies practical Shooting Brake version of next coupé, set to debut at Paris show, while CLS rival is also on the way

The trigger’s been pulled on a new niche model at BMW! Product development chief Dr Klaus Draeger has let slip that the firm’s board is considering a Shooting Brake version of the next 6-Series.

He confirmed that a concept – styled by design boss Adrian van Hooydonk – has already been built, and is likely to be unveiled at October’s Paris Motor Show. BMW could recycle its Gran Turismo name for the concept, and will use the event to gauge public reaction before deciding whether to give the car the production green light.

Based on the Gran Coupé four-door displayed at the Beijing Motor Show earlier this year, the Shooting Brake forms part of the brand’s plans to widen the appeal of the next-generation 6-Series.

The two-door coupé and convertible arrive next year, while Draeger confirmed that the Gran Coupé will also be built. This four-door Mercedes CLS rival will arrive in 2012, and be positioned in the range close to the new 6-Series. It will be aimed at customers wanting a more practical version of the 6-Series two-door, or 7-Series fans who prefer to drive themselves.

The Gran Coupé doesn’t have a hatchback tailgate like the Audi A7 or Porsche Panamera. Instead, BMW has opted for a saloon bodystyle, which is preferred in the Chinese market.

It will use the same engines as the new 6-Series – this means power will come from BMW’s 3.0-litre six-cylinder petrol and diesel units, as well as a range-topping 4.4-litre V8. “Since we use the same drive architecture as the 5, 6 and 7-Series, we are [also] able to bring a hybrid version,” Draeger added.

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so basicly it's the most expensive 3dr hatchback.

Yeah right !!

I just saw one of these in the Caribbean same colour with an X1 badge on the back!!

All these dated developments will be useless when oil gets more expensive as it runs out! Then petrol will be costing about 50 Quid a litre and cars like this will stand mainly in garages!

Where ore the fuel cell, bio fuel or alternative powered BMWs, Audis and Mercedes? None in the showrooms or on the road as yet? These "New" BMWs etc are as much advanced as a Morris Minor 100 Estate - whats really new about them? The shape? My grandchild car draw better ones!

Well if it gets 5 doors its the new Vauxhall Signum!

Before you slam it - this is an artists impression.
Yes, it does have a 1-series back - not the prettiest.
So don't buy it.
Get the coupe which will be drop dead gorgeous, and the best handling GT on the market.


Seems to be a trend on this site! People talking about something they know nothing about! BMW have an extensive program of innovation to improve both economy and embrace so called "zero emission" cars. Thing is, they won't release half finished cars like that god awful Prius!

BMW have won awards for their Efficiency Dinamics program which has seen over 70mgp from a 2litre diesel! Theya are also running programs for alternative powered cars and will release them when they work properly and do not have a massive carbon footprint like the current batch of so called green cars!

And to finish, a piece of irony... Calling out BMW for producing a car that is probably three times more efficient that your namesake! (Even when driven hard!) DOH!!!

I await this eagerly! I have no kids, don't intend to have any, and instead have big dogs. I need a sporty car, a tad agressive, but classy, refined, and practical nonetheless. I NEED a freaking shooting brake, and am really disappointed there is not any on the market.

For people comparing those to hatchbacks, you totally miss the point. Hot hatches are modestly priced, so much as they are performing. This is fine when you are in your 20's (when something in the 150-200bhp seems already a lot to your wallet), but I am far passed this point. I don't need a big estate, though (even if I now own an S4 - which may not be that big, but still is too much to perfectly suit my tastes - I choose this one because it performs quite well, is less ugly than the others in its category, thanks to its rear windows being relatively graceful, and has a manual gearbox... but should I find exactly what I am looking for, I'll sincerely ditch Audi without any regret). You see them as big hatchbacks? This is a point of view - I myself see them as muscle cars, with a practical cargo area. A shooting brake is no frail hatchback - it is supposed to be a practical monster.

Make it with a big roary V8, integral transmission (this would be my utilitary car - and as my others are propulsions, and as I live in the country, in the north of France, when it rains two thirds of the year, a 4WD, half of the year with winter tires, sure is a commodity), a proper manual gearbox (I am not yet an amputee, thanks for caring), foldable backseats (for the rare occasions I take the two dogs for a walk together - even though I generally take them appart, leaving one to guard the house) and I'll sign for it in the minute (full of options and gadgets, appart those destroying the driving experience, like suspensions you have to tweak in a stupid menu, steering wheel you have to tweak in a stupid menu, or the infamous flappy paddles)!

Look this car is ugly, no two ways about that, but there will be some people who will want this because it's a 'must have' a marketing inspired niche, one that for a hundred years man has lived without, but BMW just discovered it and decided to gauge public reaction. Yeah well good luck with that BMW's marketing department! Point is I'm not buying one so I don't care if they build it or not.

But Vandanplas4litre has a valid point, slating him for his user name and calling it it irony, that's not ironic, I'd call it mearly coincidental, they have different meanings.

Some of you go around with your head in the clouds until it rains one day and burns your face off due to the acid content (ok I know it's actually Carbon Monoxide and not really acid) the point is the planets eco system is on a fine balance where soon, within £20 years only the super rich (Vrogg probably) will be driving fossil fueled cars, the rest of us will be on electric public transport, or driving some little electric eco box.

BMW's ED efficient Dynamics don't really cut it with constituting going green, do they, it's more of a marketing ploy, granted with some small fuel savings.

As for LarryGold the best handling GT, really? I think you will find BMW will struggle to beat the Aston Martin Rapide, Bentley Continental GT, InVicta S1, or even the Porsche Caymen these and many others are in a class above! Lets not push reality too far ok :)

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