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19 Aug, 2012 11:00pm Richard Ingram

New two-wheel-drive version of the BMW X3 will go on sale in October, priced from £28,580

BMW has announced a new entry-level version of the X3, and the rear-wheel-drive sDrive18d is the first X3 not to feature all-wheel drive.

The new model is powered by a new 141bhp 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder diesel engine, which produces 360Nm of torque.

It's capable of returning average fuel economy of 55mpg and emitting just 135g/km of CO2. This means it's cheaper to tax than the current entry-level X3 - the xDrive 20d - which emits 149g/km of CO2 and returns 50.0mpg.

Fuel saving features include standard-fit stop-start and brake energy regeneration. A six-speed manual gearbox is fitted as standard, while an eight-speed automatic is available as an option.

Despite the improved economy, the sDrive18d is still capable of going from 0-62mph in 9.9 seconds and on to a top speed of 121mph.

The new X3 sDrive18d will go on sale from October in SE and M Sport trims, with prices starting from £28,580.

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Another day another niche... surely you'd just get a high spec X1?

Why have something with the weight and poor handling of an off-roader, but no 4x4 drivetrain? You've got to be a sad act to buy one of these. Or else someone that has been totally greenwashed. Buy an estate car if you need the space, or else grow a pair and buy a proper mud-plugger and stick two fingers up to the crusties.

Perhaps some people think they look hard driving vehicles like this. Agression seems more common now from people driving BMWs, Audis even some Mercedes models.

Sorry but you are the one who sounds aggressive! This car is ideal if you want the space and find it easier to get in and out of with the benefit of the extra height. I've had a test drive and it gets 100% from me.

I wrote that six months ago! I'm not talking about the merits of the car, just that in my experience BMW Audi drivers do tend to be more aggressive nowadays in their driving style. How my comments make me sound aggressive I'm not sure. These cars have got themselves a certain reputation.