BMW celebrates SUV milestone

9 Jun, 2010 1:07pm

Millionth X5 rolls off production line in Spartanburg, USA.

In just 11 years, BMW has built 1,000,000 of its popular X5 SUVs. The landmark car was an anniversary edition sapphire black metallic X5 xDrive35i featuring cinnamon brown Nevada leather trim, and will be shipped to a lucky customer in China.

The X5 has achieved its popularity by being the first off-roader which had all the style of a 4x4, but its focus was more on on-road dynamics than pure mud plugging ability. The range was further enhanced with the addition of the X6 which fused coupe looks with the X5’s already impressive road performance.

Both the X5 and X6 are built at BMW’s Spartanburg plant in South Carolina, and are exported to more than 120 countries worldwide. Before the end of 2010, production of the latest BMW X3 will also commence at this location.

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It's good to know that BMW's rutheless business plan paid off for them. Stolen technology from Land Rover and theft of the Mini (BMW's management picked the better Rover designed one over their own offering) then they disgarded Rover saying it had cost them too much money. I think a million X5's and 2 million Mini's have paid them back a hundred fold! I knew back then this was their long term plan all along. Anyone who buys one of these over the Land Rover which does both jobs (on road and off road) better than the BMW is buying the equivilent to a fake designer watch... it's poor imitation

When I first saw the original X5 I thought it looked great... And as this picture shows the new one is so bloated. It looks as if its been put on steroids. Such a shame...But well done for making one million!

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