New BMW X6 2014 revealed

6 Jun, 2014 12:01am Luke Madden

New BMW X6 gets updated styling and improved engines, set for release in December 2014

Despite not getting the best reception on its release in 2008, the BMW X6 has gone on to sell around 250,000 units globally. And the German firm is looking to add to that success with this latest model, based on the all-new X5.

As a result it’s got the same 2933mm wheelbase as BMW’s large SUV but it’s 60mm lower and 23mm longer. Those newly created dimensions obviously help create the coupé-crossover look that distinguishes the X6, and now the smaller X4.

While its profile is recognizable, BMW has updated the styling with a few of the cues used on its latest models. That means headlights that flow directly in to the double kidney grille and the Air Curtains in either side of the front bumper, which work in conjunction with new Air Breathers in the side panels to reduce drag.

New BMW X6 2014 rear

BMW is now offering buyers a Design Pure Extravagance option for the interior, the exterior or both. Ticking the box will add things like stainless steel underbody guards, bespoke 20-inch alloys and aluminium surrounds for the windowline and mirror caps. Meanwhile, the interior pack includes extended leather and a key featuring chrome buttons.

The interior itself is a little more practical than the old X6, featuring rear seats that can now be folded 40:20:40 (rather than 60:40). With them all in place there’s 580 litres of space and with them all down there’s 1525 litres, which is 75 litres more than in the old X6.

From the launch in December the X6 comes with two diesel engines – the 30d and M50d – with the 50i rounding off the range. A 35i and 40d arrive in spring 2015. The 30d will be the big seller, boasting 47.1mpg and 0-62mph in 6.7 seconds. Those are improvements of 19 per cent and 0.8 seconds respectively compared with the old car.

New BMW X6 2014 interior

There are similar gains throughout the range, with the quickest model being the 50i. It can sprint from 0-62mph in 4.8 seconds, which is just a tenth of a second down on the old X6 M. We’re expecting a new M version to arrive using a boosted version of the 50i’s 4.4-litre V8, with power up to around 550bhp.

Until that car arrives buyers can go for the M50d, which hits 62mph in 5.2 seconds and comes with a few M-style chassis upgrades like Adaptive M suspension and bespoke settings for the steering and dampers.

Much of the technology found on the latest X5 will also be available on the new X6, including a system to brake and accelerate for you in traffic, a head up display and active lane keep assist.

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This about sums it up:
There was controversy in Westminster today as the government revealed plans to use the newly revealed second generation BMW X6 as part of a criminal profiling test.

‘It’s perfectly simple,’ said junior justice minister Woldly Pribe. ‘We show someone a picture of the new X6 and if they like it, chances are they’re some sort of thick-necked, tracksuit trouser-wearing, gold jewellery covered ne’er do well who’s always on his mobile phone and seems to receive most of his income in cash.’

‘Let me be clear, we’re not suggesting that anyone who likes the new BMW X6 is automatically a thief, a drug dealer or a vile mouth-breathing moron,’ Mr Pribe continued. ‘Even though they definitely are.’

X6 and it's toy box styling has a serious identity problem.. I would expect to see a rough tough gandster driving it, but I keep seeing little old ladys behing the wheel..

I love it!... But I don't know why, I really shouldn't...

X6 is probably one of the worst looking cars on the planet. It has an identity crisis and doesn't know what it wants to be. So, being ugly, and stupidly expensive (it's a BMW after all), I'm really surprised it wasn't canned, or radically overhauled a the very least.

Canned? They've sold so many that mercedes are bringing out their own version.....

I Love BMW Interiors especially This one what a lovely place to be they are & 5-7 Series, the outside isn't beautiful but it's still better looking & less intimidating than the X5 shame the boot ain't that big for a car of this size at least the seats fold down but who cares it's not like I'm going to buy one anytime soon, I'd much prefer a 5 Series, I'm not the type of person who feels the need to Lord it over other people.


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