Driver Power 2006: Japanese top the big report!

21 Mar, 2006 11:20am Chris Thorp

The nation has returned its verdict - the best-built and most reliable cars on the road come from Japan, while French and Italian brands are falling short in terms of making motors which really last the distance.

That's the result from Driver Power 2006, Auto Express's biggest and best-ever reliability and satisfaction survey, which you can read in the special pull-out report in the centre of this week's issue.

Incredibly, 11 of the 12 most reliable cars are Japanese. At the other end of the scale, nine of the 11 models suffering from the most mechanical breakdowns are from French and Italian marques. And the most unreliable car on Britain's roads? You tell us it's the Peugeot 307.

The questionnaires returned by more than 46,000 Auto Express readers reveal Honda makes three of the four most reliable motors in the Top 100, but Lexus is the best manufacturer overall. So is it only doom and gloom for Europe's car firms? Not as far as Skoda is concerned.

The VW Group marque has put in its best-ever Driver Power performance, with three models in the top six. The latest Octavia was the highest new entry in the overall ranking, too. Another notable newcomer is Kia's Sorento, which nearly made the top 10 overall. And this year's questionnaire was so comprehensive, we're able to give you even more. Look out for another pull-out - focusing on best and worst dealers - free with issue 907, on sale 26 April.

Throughout the week we'll be delivering snippets from the survey online. But if you just can't wait to get your hands on all the information, best seek out and buy this week's mag at the bookstalls.
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