'Alien' PT among stars in Moscow

13 Sep, 2006 1:00am

This wacky Chrysler PT Cruiser brought gasps from visitors to this month's Moscow Motor Show

It's alien to us, but this wacky Chrysler PT Cruiser, complete with weird bodywork, brought gasps from visitors to this month's Moscow Motor Show.

The hatch was given a total makeover, topped with the five-foot-high extra terrestrial appearing to climb from its bonnet. Huge chrome wheels finished the job.

Also unveiled at the expo was the world's first nine-seater convertible. The open-top GAZelle will seat all the family - although it doesn't appear to have roll-over bars or even a canvas hood.

Meanwhile, it may look like a toy, but it's actually a full-size car. VW has revealed pictures of a limited-edition Beetle that will appeal to Barbie fans everywhere. Coming only in bright pink and with Barbie logos, it's one of just 13 examples that will be made.

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