Create your own dream car!

23 Oct, 2006 1:00am Chris Thorp

Italian styling house Pininfarina has confirmed that if you have deep enough pockets, it will make your dream car

While the design firm is as busy as ever working with manufacturers such as Ford to build the new Focus Coupé-Cabriolet, it is committed to expanding its exotic car business, too.

Before the P4/5, the firm revealed its one-off Maserati Birdcage at the Geneva Motor Show in 2005.

"After the Birdcage's debut, we were inundated with requests to produce some really unique cars - genuine custom-built vehicles," said group chairman Andrea Pininfarina.

"We now have seven Chinese customers with whom we are working on very interesting projects that will be presented officially in the next few months." But don't expect to be able to trade in your old motor - this is a very exclusive club. The P4/5 was rumoured to have cost £2.5million, and similar unique-build models won't come any cheaper. Pinin­farina recently completed a hi-tech £2.7million wind tunnel facility which simulates ground effect aerodynamics. This will allow engineers to develop and build race and road cars capable of well in excess of 200mph.

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