Concept Cars

6 Oct, 2007 4:25am Toby King

Bold, beautiful, brilliant... and consigned to history. We look at 14 motor show stars that never made it into production

Every motor show in the world features concept cars. We’ve all seen the pictures of these futuristic machines showcasing how glamorous even the dullest brand can be. With the average concept costing more than £2million to make, they are not just some elaborate PR exercise. They allow manufacturers to test the water with possible future production models rather than make the costly mistake of delivering a car straight to showrooms that no one likes.

But being a huge hit on the show stand doesn’t necessarily mean a concept will receive the green light. Here, we have picked 14 of the best cars that were never actually built.

Read on to find out what they were, what happened to them and why they never saw the light of day…

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