Universal head-up display

11 Dec, 2007 5:27am

Digital head-up display (HUD) systems have been the preserve of top-spec BMWs – but now there is an aftermarket product that will work on any car.

The GlobalTop HG 100 HUD GPS uses a sheet of tinted window film that has to be stuck to the inside of the screen. There’s also a mounting plate, complete with an adhesive pad, which you stick to the dashboard. Align it correctly, and your speed will be reflected on the windscreen, alongside a basic compass display of the direction you’re heading in.

On the road, we compared the HUD’s readout to the info on a sat-nav. The two were identical, so we were confident we were sticking to the limit. The system can switch between mph and kph at the touch of a button.

Press it for two seconds, and you can set the speed at which you want the HUD to alert you. For instance, you can ask it to warn you if you exceed 30mph in town, which comes in very handy. It’s just a pity there’s no audible alert to accompany the visuals.

If you want to switch between vehicles, you’ll need extra strips of film. Unfortunately, though, the adhesive could mark your dashboard. However, this is still a very useful bit of kit.

Extra Info

GlobalTop HG 100 HUD GPS head-up display system
Rating: ****
Contact: 01438 210236, www.autocaress.com
Problems? The speed alert function would benefit from a separate audio alert option.
So why buy? Speed readout is impressively clear, and you can change between mph and kph simply by pressing a button.

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