Segway for the road?

4 May, 2008 6:18am

Could road legal Segway be the answer to growing inner-city traffic problems?

The two-wheeled Segway could soon be made road-legal. The zero-emission scooters are currently not allowed to be used on highways or pavements. But Conservative MPs are arguing they could be the solution to traffic gridlock in towns and cities.

They say the Government has so far been “dismissive” of the carbon-busting vehicles, which are capable of speeds up to 12mph,can be recharged using household mains supplies and have a range of up to 24 miles.

And they want the Department for Transport to consider allowing the Segwayin cycle lanes. But the DfT argues they don’t meet the standards required for road vehicles. There are around 2,000 Segways in the UK, but they can only be driven on private land. They cost around £4,300 each.
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