Hybrid iQ set to clean up

1 Sep, 2008 6:14pm

Clever Toyota has impressed in petrol form, and a hybrid is on way.

Could the world’s smallest four-seat car also lift the crown as the world’s smallest hybrid? According to one insider behind the record-breaking design of the tiny Toyota iQ, the answer is a resounding yes!

We drove the 1.0-litre version of the new model this week, and were impressed by its versatility. However, our spies have also revealed that an ultra-efficient petrol-electric variant is being developed.

This would be powered by a 500cc engine and a small motor, and take inspiration from the next-generation Prius. That means drivers will have the option to plug in to an electricity supply to extend the car’s range.

With the hybrid’s total output divided 50:50 between the two power sources, the iQ will be able to travel at least 15 miles in electric-only mode, boosting its eco-credentials. The hybrid model is likely to appear in showrooms in 2010, although prices have yet to be revealed.

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