Electric Voyager cleans up

13 Sep, 2008 3:56pm

EcoVoyager pointed to electric version of Chrysler’s practical MPV.

Battery power and bags of practicality! Chrysler is working on an electric Voyager MPV, offering the benefits of a zero-emissions vehicle, a 300-mile range and enough space to swallow the entire family, plus their luggage. Auto Express has learned it’s likely to be based on the ecoVoyager concept first seen at the 2008 Detroit Motor Show. The US manufacturer has vowed not to be left behind the competition when it comes to green technologies. And this is the first in a series of three possible production electric cars that will be shown to dealers later this month. The one that’s best received could be put into production as early as 2010.

But that’s not all. Chrysler’s ENVI division – responsible for the firm’s eco technologies – is also readying a rival to the Chevrolet Volt. This is equipped with a small on-board engine for topping up the batteries when they fall below 40 per cent charge. A 2012 on-sale date is slated for this model.

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