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28 Dec, 2008 1:16am Will McManus

Lightweight three-wheeler combines the best from land and air.

HERE’S a bird of prey we would love to see in flight! This is the Hawk, and it combines the best bits of a bike and car in a fighter plane-inspired package.

The three-wheeled concept has been created by New Zealand-based designer Alex Hodge, who is aiming to offer motorcycle performance with  the comfort of a luxury sportcar.

Its pod-style cabin, which is accessed by folding back the curved glass hood, features a single race seat and digital dials. It’s trimmed in a blend of lightweight plastics and leather.

A lightweight alloy chassis provides impressive strength, but the Hawk should be nimble, as the shell is made of fibreglass.

There is a full-width air intake at the front, while an attractive pointed rear hides the exhaust.

Power comes from a 999cc Honda RC51 V-twin engine, which could rev as high as 10,000rpm. And the 120bhp available at the rear wheel could carry the newcomer to a top speed of 144mph.

Bringing the Hawk back down to earth shouldn’t be a problem, either. The 19-inch alloys get huge brake discs, while the rear wheel features two for extra stopping power.

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