Bugatti’s super saloon

28 Sep, 2009 12:57pm

Galibier 16C to get production go-ahead with £900,000 price tag and title of world’s fastest four-door

Check out the latest official shots of what Bugatti hopes will be the world’s fastest four-door.

The super-luxurious Galibier 16C saloon gets the same 8.0-litre 16-cylinder engine as seen in the Veyron coupé… and a colossal price tag to match!

With the design and engineering emphasis on ultimate luxury, the £900,000 model features an opulent leather and wood interior, providing room for four.Detailing is kept to a minimum inside, with only two central dials forming the instrument binnacle.

There is, however, a dashboard timepiece by Swiss watch maker Parmigiani which can be taken out and worn, plus a small TV screen atop the transmission tunnel.

And although the Galibier is a far more luxurious proposition than its coupé brother, it will still pack a punch. Boasting a detuned 800bhp version of the Veyron’s engine, plus a lightweight body made of aluminium and carbon fibre, its top speed should be a highly impressive 220mph.

The 16C is also set to get an eight-speed torque converter automatic transmission instead of the Veyron’s twin-clutch DSG unit.

Although the car is only a concept, Bugatti clearly has high hopes for its showstopper. A launch date of 2013 is being rumoured, and it would fill the void left when production of the Veyron finally ends.

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