Arash AF-10 breaks cover

12 Nov, 2009 5:48pm Conor Mills

British firm Arash has finally unveiled its Enzo rivalling AF-10 to the public.

It’s been a long time in the making, but finally Arash’s AF-10 has arrived. First unveiled at the British Motor Show back in 2006, the original prototype has had to overcome its share of problems as well as numerous revisions to get where it is today but that is all in the past now.
This is the production version of the new British supercar revealed for the first time to the public. And it has issued some bold statements to its rivals. Expected to be priced around £325,000, Arash is hoping to take the fight straight to rivals such as Koenigsegg, Pagani, Lamborghini and Ferrari.

Powered by Corvette’s 7.0-litre V8 engine, the same one used in the Z06, the rear-wheel driven Arash will deliver around 550bhp and 630Nm of torque. And the AF-10 is light too, built mainly from carbon fibre, it weighs in at around 1200kg, some 160kg lighter than Ferrari’s Enzo.

Don’t expect to see many AF-10’s on the road though, Arash is only planning on building 70 cars over the next five years, currently no on sale date has been confirmed.

A supercharged ‘AF-10S’ version has also been rumoured to be on the way and this version would have almost 800bhp and around 750Nm.

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GOD (sorry god) - I hate it when car companies do that.

I've never seen such an unimaginative, obvious copy of an Enzo, it looks like the Chinese have done it!!............Ferrari should sue.

yes its a bad enzo copy....but the real question is how is the motoring world gonna take british 'supercar' makers seriously?? anybody seen the TKR??? its like the bastard love child of a saleen s7 and a zonda.....anyone remember the e-type??mclaren f1??? come on, dnt be so lazy!

Should have called it "Anitchyrash", far more fitting.
What bunch of idiots naming a car that conjures up nothing but an aliment, yeah it won't sell to make it financially worth while.

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