London black cab's baby brother

Geely black cab
19 Apr, 2010 10:52am

Chinese firm Geely to create a new range of smaller black cabs

It isn’t just Volvo that Geely is reshaping. Here is its interpretation of the black cab’s bulging baby brother! After more than 60 years on its own, the London taxi is to spawn a new range – with the wraps set to come off this radical concept, designed to sit below the TX4, at the Beijing Motor Show.

The TXN is the first fruit of a link-up between UK cab maker LTI and Chinese car giant Geely, which is poised to take a majority share in LTI’s parent firm.

The heavily retro design – which takes cues from the Mini and even the 1948 Morris Oxford – is to be displayed under Geely’s anglophile Englon brand.

Inside, the driver sits within a separate plastic cab, allowing the occasional front passenger seat to fold up for extra luggage space. With the seat folded, there is room for three passengers on the rear bench. The TXN is designed to compete in taxi markets around the world, but not the UK.

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Geely are now going to be majority shareholders in LTI,so that will no doubt involve moving production abroad in the future.So much for the goverments new pledge to protect british industries.Odd that the new TXN looks retro british etc,yet it wont be sold in uk strange.Investment is good but why does this involve in selling a majority contolling stake in a company?

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