Texting drives us to distraction

7 Jun, 2010 1:24pm

Sending an SMS tops poll of biggest distractions when driving.

The mobile menace continues to threaten! Despite being banned more than six years ago, a survey of over 3,000 motorists by Autoglass has discovered that texting whilst driving is the biggest distraction for drivers.

More than half of respondents (51%) stated that sending an SMS was the number one diversion, followed by talking on a phone, which attracted 40 per cent of the vote.

Surprisingly, the worst offenders are in the over-55 age group – traditionally seen as safer drivers. The result calls into question whether the potential £60 fine and three point penalty is harsh enough, given the obvious distraction it causes.

The top ten distractions named by the drivers polled:

•    Texting - 51%
•    Talking on phone - 45%
•    Changing radio/CD player - 40.4%
•    Staring at an accident - 39.8%
•    Eating or drinking - 37%
•    Children in the car - 36%
•    Chatting to a passenger - 32.3%
•    Road rage - 32%
•    Having an argument - 31%
•    Lighting a cigarette - 29%

In addition to the top 10 results, Autoglass also discovered that men are twice as likely as women (35% compared with 15%) to let their attention wander when spotting someone they fancy. Ladies however are almost twice as likely as men (25% compared with 13%) to have their attention diverted by trying to avoid an animal in the road.

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How can trying to avoid an animal in the road be considered a distraction while driving?
Perhaps I could vote for "looking at road signs", "avoiding other road users" and "checking my mirrors" as other distractions.

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