Return of TVR

21 Jun, 2010 4:45pm

TVR is back with new Sagaris-based V8-powered contender.

Britain’s wildest sports car brand is back! Following TVR’s decision to quit its Blackpool plant, the marque is in the hands of a German manufacturer who will start producing a new car from September.

Based on the platform of the TVR Sagaris, and featuring a modified version of the Tuscan bodyshell, the fresh model will use Corvette V8 engines producing 437bhp or 647bhp. TVR is still owned by Russian millionaire Nikolai Smolenksy. However, German specialist firm Gullwing is to take a minority share. And it will be in good hands – Gullwing also makes the official AC Cobra, and wowed the world last year with a replica Mercedes 300SL.

Boss Juergen Mohr is bullish about the new car: “Having been a TVR owner, I think this will be the best TVR ever,” he said. He also confirmed the company was planning new models, possibly with alternative drivetrains. “I can imagine everything, even electric-powered cars,” Mohr said.

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Having owned two TVRs I think the German company is missing the point,people bought the TVR brand because it was British,and put up with its idiosyncrasies for that reason.The cars were hand built to order in any colour you liked ,you could even visit the factory to see it being built. I wish them every success but it's a shame they could not be built again in Blackpool.

Could be a great car, and better built I'm sure, but like Pieman states, it NEEDS to be British.

Well I think 90% of orders were from the UK. I would guess they can can kiss good bye to the once loyal fan base. Like the two other posters state it needs to at least be built here. This was a robbery by Nikolai Smolenski, he totally stitched up the British workforce, some of these were amongst the best designers and engineers in the world, caste aside through the weirdest business plan I have even seen. The cars built here were set up for and on these roads, the handling and whole feel of the car will be completely different. I hope they go bust and get picked up by a small UK independant! TreVoR will be turning in his grave

Having owned 3 wonderful TVR's in the past, the maddest being the Griff 500, TVR for me died the day they closed the gates to the Blackpool factory for the last time. There's something quintessentially British about these cars and like the MINI they may find some success with the new cars but a great deal of what made the cars great and truely British will have been lost in translation. I wish the new TVR well but please please please get the boys from Blackpool back and design, engineer and build the cars in Britain. I personally hope to own a TVR again but I'll be looking out for a bit of Blackpool rock.

I owned a Griff 4.3 pre-cat and it was maddest, loudest beast around.

I loved it, the shear presence it had was astounding, although changing gear from 1st to 2nd, caught in a freak snow shower on the M11, & performing a 360 done little for my life expectancy.

I like other posts here agree about the British angle, but as long as TVR are around - in any guise I think it is a positive thing.