Fiesta 4x4 first pictures

1 Sep, 2010 5:14pm Tom Phillips

Ford caught readying beefed-up baby Kuga crossover.

The Fiesta is riding high! These exclusive spy shots reveal the Blue Oval is readying a Fiesta-based small crossover that will slot into the Ford range as a smaller sibling to the stylish Focus-based Kuga.

These first shots reveal a jacked-up British-registered, right-hand drive car undergoing tests in an unspecified European location.

And while the majority of the Fiesta’s body panels appear unchanged, the larger wheelarches and raised ground clearance reveal that this is the firm’s new junior off-roader.

The prototype features a disguised front end, which features a rejigged trapezoidal grille. The grille has been moved upwards, which may be a clue that this mule is being used to evaluate the car’s cooling system in its new off-road guise.

The larger steel wheels, raised ground clearance and larger gap between the tops of the tyres and bodywork show just how much higher-riding the new car is. The wheels also protrude past each side of the car, showing the wider track and four-wheel drive system that lurks beneath.

Details are non-existent aside from what can be seen in the photos, but the newcomer will face stiff competition from the likes of the Nissan Juke and MINI Countryman when it makes it to market.

Expect a stylish design which blends the off-road influence of the Kuga with the Fiesta’s acclaimed looks, plus a choice of two- and four-wheel drive variants and EcoBoost engines. Don’t rule out a performance version to take on the Countryman John Cooper Works, and tally with Ford’s Fiesta World Rally Championship programme, either.

The new crossover is set to be part of Ford’s expanding B-segment line-up. We have already scooped Ford’s plans to launch a Fiesta-based B-MAX supermini MPV, which was confirmed by Ford’s executive vice-president for global manufacturing, John Fleming.

He said, “The vehicle that we will launch next year will be a small car. It will be a unique vehicle, not in the portfolio at the moment, and we will build approximately 150,000 annually.”

The B-MAX will be built at the Craiova plant in Romania. And while the market for the supermini MPV would be considerably bigger than an SUV, the firm’s global One Ford strategy would facilitate the addition of a crossover 4x4 too, thanks to increased economies of scale and in-built flexibility in the Fiesta platform. An all-wheel drive model would be popular in the US and the developing BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) markets.

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What makes you so sure this is 4WD?

I think it's Ford's B-MAV - Fiesta based replacement for the Fusion.

Well done photoshopping the picture of Mazda 2 guys. :) I hope it doesn't look too much like the Kuga though.

Great - now even the superminis are going to be less energy efficient than they could be in the name of style alone. We really are a stupid species.

This is more likely to be a fusion replacement, based on a fiesta platform. The same happened with the first cmax, magazines were saying it was a 4x4 focus, just because the car was jacked up.
The photoshopped picture looks like something Ford would have released about 6 years ago, its not consistent with their new designs. The production vehicle will definately not look like that!!!
The most interesting thing about this is the engine in the test vehicle pictured. A quick internet search says its a 1500cc diesel for that vehicle reg. At the moment Ford does not offer a 1.5 TDCI, so is this a new engine?

My God! Its a Mazda 2! lol

I've said this before. I don't know if there's some kind of screening editor at AutoExpress because some of the reviews are just plain pathethic. Its not a bad thing for a magazine to publish photoshop images of how they see a new model would look but as long as its done properly.

Above: You can clearly see this is not a Ford. And it looks like a Mazda. so why not just spark some interest and controversy and call it a Mazda 4x4?

You'll never learn will you AE! I guess at least you've drawn black and white checks and not squiggles this time. But still the same boring "World Exclusive Spy Shots"! I think you're treading a very thin line here for misrepresentation.

This car will do well if they release the spy shots paintjob with the black spots on the white paint job. Brilliant. Will compete with those wierd models with flowers on them that VW did and the go faster marks on Swifts and Fiesta ST's, makes them look very "Barry boy!" Go Fiesta! :)

I believe what we see here is a workhorse of the iosix-max concept, shown 2009 in geneva 2009. Early 2010 a german magazine 'autozeitung' showed a realistic yellow design, which had a lot of characteristics of the Iosis-max we can expect another brilliant Ford product ??

"Great - now even the superminis are going to be less energy efficient than they could be in the name of style alone. We really are a stupid species."

ROFL... There really isn't anything else to say... XD

Take away the enormous wheelarches, and from certain angles (mainly front) doesnt it look like a Kia Venga!!

I think designers are either running out of ideas, or are getting lazy as there are quite a lot of cars nowadays that share certain common features.

I know that in some cases that it can be because the brands are in fact brother and sister rather than competitors, for example VW and Skoda and Seat.

But surely they would want their new cars to be individual in some way and hopefully broaden the customer base that they (as a group) can aim for. Rather than be all of a similar substance and all be aiming for the SAME market.

And while the majority of the Fiesta’s body panels appear unchanged, the larger wheelarches and raised ground clearance reveal that this is the firm’s new junior off-roader...

Remain unchanged, really? So why have you used a shot of a photoshopped Maza 2? because that looks like the panels have all been changed to look like a Mazda 2, add in what looks like a C-max grill, the 4x4 side images downloaded off of the tinternet and this is what you came up with? You and your colleagues are a journalistic joke!

Right now lets look at the spy shots, ok clearly a Fiesta at the rear, and at the sides agreed? Right so this will be the forthcoming B-max!

Tom Phillips well done, taking Auto Express to lower depths of BS than even I thought possible, you've lost my respect about 7 years ago, to go lower is tragic. Do you lot actually have any qualifications in journalism? I would like your senior editor to stop treating his audience like a bunch of clueless puppets, people are a bit more switched on these days, please treat us as such!

Yeah thought not, that's why I buy a better car mag every month now, worth the extra money to get real stories, rather than you lot with your photoshopping department (also known as the pure fantasy dept!) who are the only ones doing any work, pointless work I may add.

I don't normally swear but I'm fucked off with the pure bull shit, as I just noticed that the 3 door Astra is also a photoshopped load of bull too. When you get a rare genuine spy shot like this you are too inept to correctly identify it!

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I'd just like to point out that the Mazda 2 and Ford Fiesta are one and the same car, not withstanding a few manufacturer based styling tweaks.

Ford and Mazda have been sharing platforms for a few years now, especially in the States. For example, the US Ford Festiva was actually a re-badged Mazda 121. In Europe the MK4 Fiesta and 121 were almost indistinguishable from one another apart from the badges.

The difference this time out is that Ford have chosen to use a Mazda platform rather than design their own, although because Ford now own a large stake in Mazda it could be argued that the design was kept in-house...

for those of you interested, i have done a mini hpi report on the above reg, available from my work place ;-)

The details are as follows

Make : Ford
Model: Unknown 5door hatchback
Colour: White
engine: 1500 Diesel
Engine number: BT37743
date of registration: 16.08.2010
Manufactured: 2010

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