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24 Mar, 2015 9:30am

The Auto Express iPad edition is free and updated throughout the week - download it now!

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This week, our iPad edition is packed with great motoring content, including all the latest news, reviews and videos! 

We've been for a drive in the 542bhp Range Rover Sport SVR, plus we've got all you need to know about Jaguar Land Rover's Special Vehicle Operations division. 

Elsewhere, we've been for a ride in the Mercedes F 015 driverless car, and it's the end of the road for Chrysler in the UK as the American brand faces the axe in 2017. 

We've been behind the wheel of a great selection of new cars, too, including the Mazda CX-3, Jeep Renegade, VW Polo GTI, Kia Sorento and many more! 

Download it for free now!

Our digital app has been specifically designed to bring a new dimension to Auto Express, with extra pictures, exclusive-to-iPad video content and interactive page layouts that are bespoke to the iPad.

And of course, we still bring you everything you expect from your favourite car magazine. There's all the latest reviews, group tests and spy pictures of the newest models, as well as updates throughout the week with the latest breaking news.

We love the added value that the iPad brings to what we do, but as always we’re keen to hear what you think. Please leave your feedback on the App Store by giving it a star rating or writing a full review. We'll be constantly improving the app as the weeks go by, and your feedback is invaluable for this.

We've also got a digital reproduction of the magazine available on iPad, Android, PC and Mac - you can subscribe to the Zinio app for £60 for 51 issues, which is just £1.18 per issue.

If digital isn't your thing, you can claim six issues in print for £1, and then pay just £19.99 every 13 issues - a saving of 46 per cent.

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don`t have a ipad so don`t to say ipad/android other wise you missing most of the market

Please make an app for Android as well

Where's the Android pad app?

Only works on iOS 6 so I can't be installed on the original iPad!

the new app is much better than the old format.
Great redesign.

There is a serious problem with the new App. If you are stupid enough to open the Jag advert, you cannot get out of it. Even if you try and come out by pressing the home button on the iPad and go back in via newsstand, it goes straight back to the page you were in on the Jag advert. Pretty infuriating and ended my browsing.

Fantastic news, l have just brought a new i-pad, now l can read my favourite car mag on it. I will download it and leave some feedback.

No I dont But if autoexpress requires my services I am an iOS/android contractor:). The old magazine version was almost a pdf of the printed version.

This menus on this one are well laid out.

The design is clean, and I managed to get around without scrolling through out the whole thing back and forth.

Dunno what is your problem with it, but as magazines goes in the ipad the new one works really well for me. Btw i have a new ipad so I dont have no lag issues or nothing.

The only minor problem i found with the app is the horizontal scroll (change page) only works if i do a deliberate slide movement when there is no scrollbar (on the side of the page).

Otherwise like I said it works really well.

I haven't clicked on the ads so i cant say if get the issues that others report.

See I have tried evo which was pretty much like a pdf and for that reason i prefer to get the print version.

What issues/critics people have here with the new version, they should be clear about it and specific so the fellas at autoexpress can fix it. i am quite happy.

Poor you

Android version should be with you early next year.

I REALLY don't like the new format & prefer the Pixlemags format which mirrored the actual magazine. The new format has also got rid of the car stats pages at the back. If I could go back to the old version I would as I can't see me buying the new one in its current format which is a shame as I have been buying this magazine for years. It has also lost all of my previously brought copies. Seriously a large step backwards!

Totally agree! A real move backwards.

I wanted to give the new formate a go, but got so fed up with it, that I have to confess I have just given up now. I won't be subscribing to the mag through the new app - I'm going to stay with pixel.

The new version has totally lost the 'magazine' feel! It's now more like a poorly designed website!

Sorry fellas at AE.

Grumble chops how did you get the pixel mags app back? I had to delete mine to down load the new version

I have been reading the mag version for years and like the layout, just been giving iTunes vouchers for my birthday and thought I would take out an annual iPad subscription. However having downloaded the new format I am very disappointed as it looks more like a manufactures Information page than the original magazine, please go back to the original as I for one will not be buying the iPad version, sorry!

As a magazine subscriber, does that also entitle me to a free ipad edition subscription?

Well its early this year, so wheres the Android app you promised?

Hmm why is my post not showing up??
So its "early next year" wheres our Android app?

Hi Andy,

We're afraid that the comment you're referring to wasn't posted by our editor - it was just a hoax.

We would love to launch an Android app, but we don't want to rush is - especially when we can use feedback on the iPad app to make sure what we launch is as good as it possibly can be.

Our developers tell us that the Android app will launch in the first half of this year, though, which isn't too long to wait?

Hope this helps,
Auto Express

P.S. We can see both of your comments on the page - hopefully you can, too?

Yes it is actually. Apps should be released together on all platforms. I was ready to spend my money on a subscription, guess I shall stick to the freebies on here and spend my money on someone who does have an app for my platform.

Ps: Yeah can see them now cheers.

Where is the Android App?

You have bought not brought an iPad.

Still no Android app - rubbish

Has anyone done the maths here? £22.99 for 13 issues is £1.77 per issue against £1.99 buying them one by one. How does that equate to an 82% saving on the price??

If I remember correctly, the Android platform has a greater market share than Apple's, am I right? So why would auto express give priority to the iPad? Are they Apple fan boys or do the numbers support their decision?

You are correct yes but only when refering to the OS. iOS has less than 20% of the mobile market share while Android has over 70%. The ipad is still the leading tablet but only by a couple of percent and everyone in the tech world knows that by the end of Q2 this will in fact be a lead for android.
Well its now mid year and still no Android app. Come on NME are you ever going to do it?

The article says 'claim six issues in print and on your iPad for £1', you get both - a mag and a digital edition. Normally mag costs £2.6 and digital issue £1.99 = £4.59. With their offer you only pay £1.77

Hi Auto Express!

Can you tell me if you guys export your magazine to the stationeries in Portugal? Thanks for your attention! :)

So still no Android edition that was coming at the start of this year? tick tock!!

So another month passes and no one has the decency to update? Where's the Android app?

And your such a nice bunch to give us some answers. Even a "We dont know" would be good.

Rhian, what happened to the first half of this year then?

Looking foward to buying the New Issue of Auto Express out tomorow

This comment still pointless then? Still been bad mannered?

Isn't it good PR that every time you post this article the reader will see these lovely negative comments and your lack of acknowledgement of the problem

So its been a year near enough. Why not tell us your not working on it or don't you guys have the balls.

iPads like facebook are old hat, the only Apple product most of us would go near is one you can eat. If you are serious about apps for tablets, then start with Andriod, not something for dinosaurs.

when is the Android version going to be available. seems alittle elitist to just be available to ipad users !!

If you subscribe for 12months of the Auto Express Magazine, you should get the iPad edition free of charge.

The app is free for everyone - try it for yourself!

Auto Express 1,363
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