Google Glass road safety storm rumbles on

Google Glass
Credits: Tedeytan
20 Jan, 2014 12:18pm Nathan Velayudhan

Case of driver ticketed for wearing Google Glass dismissed but safety concerns won't go away

A Californian woman who was ticketed for wearing Google Glass while driving has since had her ticket dismissed. 

Reportedly, Cecilia Abadie's case was dismissed due to the fact that authorities couldn't prove she was actually using the Google Glass device when she was pulled over by the California Highway Patrol.

The dismissal marks a hopeful change of fortune for Google, which has faced a lot of opposition with regards to the use of wearable technology while driving.

Google Glass faces UK driving ban 

In the UK, the Department for Transport recently anounced that it thought wearable computer technology may act as a potential distraction for drivers and overall road safety. Meanwhile, legislation introduced in West Virginia, Delaware and New Jersey seeks to ban use of the ingenious Google Glass eyeware behind the wheel.

Mercedes to the rescue? 

Mercedes has made huge steps in attempting to solve the Google Glass issue, however. At the manufacturer's new California tech centre in the infamous Silicon Valley, it's already come up with a number of ideas which may potentially make wearable technology behind the wheel a possibility.

The first idea is to link Google Glass to Mercedes' new Drive Style app suite (available in the A-Class range). This would allow directions for a journey to be delivered to the driver via a sat-nav route displayed on the Google device.

Other ideas include sending data to wearable technology such as a smartwatch (Nissan have created one, and Pebble, too) which would then relay information such as tyre pressure, distance to the next service and milage.