Arash Cars teases new British supercar

29 Jan, 2014 2:00pm Jonathan Burn

A new British supercar has been teased, with the full unveiling set for February 28

British-based supercar manufacturer Arash Cars has teased its upcoming high-performance model. Set to be revealed on February 28, the firm has released a sketch of the svelte silhouette along with a sneak peak into the carbon fibre trimmed interior.

From the official teasers we can see the new model will feature a short overhang, prominent creases along the flanks and bulging wheel arches. The short bonnet could also indicate the engine will be mid-mounted. The only other shot released was a teasing image of the steering wheel crafted from lightweight carbon fibre.

• Arash AF-10 breaks cover

No engine or technical details were announced but the brand’s last model, the AF-10 – launched back in 2010 – was powered by a Corvette Z06-sourced 550bhp V8 engine in ‘base’ form. More powerful 800bhp and hypercar-rivalling 1200bhp versions of the model were also available.

The British sportscar industry has recently been gifted a new lease of life, with the newly established David Brown sportscar brand announcing it too will be unveiling a new model in the coming months.