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Design Award 2015
1 Apr, 2015 3:30pm

We’ve teamed up with Lister cars in our search for the best car design of the last 12 months, and we need your help!

The Auto Express New Car Awards 2015 are fast approaching and we need you to decide the destination of one of the top prizes.

One car will be crowned as winner of the prestigious Design Award in association with Lister cars at the Auto Express New Car Awards 2015 ceremony on June 30th and as always, it’s Auto Express readers who’ll pick the winner.

The last 12 months have turned up some stunning car designs, be they production-ready models or groundbreaking concepts. Splitting the best from the rest isn’t easy but that’s where you come in.

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We’ve assembled a shortlist of 15 cars unveiled this year that we think stand out from an exterior design perspective. All you have to do is cast your eye over the contenders and vote for the one you think is best. 

Last year’s winner was the Volvo Concept Estate but its reign as our car design champ is about to end. Click here for a full run-down of the contenders and your chance to vote for your favourite.

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I'm surprised the MG3 didn't make last year or this year's list, the 2013 facelifted/UK version is a nice looking car.

Hmm, time to whittle down the list. My initial thought is that there are a few there that haven't changed much since previous years/designs, that don't provide a clear improvement rather than a change:
Audi TT
Porsche 911
S-Class coupe

I'll discount the Discovery Vision and BMW i8 because I don't like them.

The GT4 Stinger is a good attempt, but while it's got some individually nice touches, like the headlights, they don't blend together too well. The high back end and the large wheel arches seem particularly out of place.

The Lexus RC (which looks like it should be the next Vauxhall VXR) and Maserati Alfieri are better integrated, but I can't quite parse the design.

The Nissan IDX Freeflow is a interesting car front and sides, but the back end doesn't look like I was expecting - probably partly due to the lack of purpose designed small saloons in the UK market. I find the rear rather ugly so that gets crossed off.

The FT-1 is substantially better, but has the same problem. It looks like someone sawed through the rear and then decorated the cut surfaces. It's much less of an image problem for a sportscar though, but I don't think it'd appeal to me.

That brings me down to the F-Type coupe, C4-Cactus, Concept Estate, and Type R

The Volvo Concept Estate is a nice car. While the naming is undoubtedly provocative it could be a real alternate to a traditional Coupe - especially if they have a 4x4 style split tailgate with the lower half folding down.

I want to discount the F-type because it's shorter than the traditional Jag but it's a brilliant design

The C4-Cactus shows Citroen may be returning to form again (although we thought that with the first generation of C4 etc.) and it's one of the few crossovers with a strong design, although the back end is a little weak.

The Type R? Nice looking car, but that hint of the computer mouse does somewhat detract from the image.

Hmm, decisions, decisions.

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