Car Ad Campaign of the Year 2014: VOTE NOW!

3 Jun, 2014 3:30pm

Vote for your favourite car company advertising campaign in our poll. The winner will be crowned Auto Express Ad Campaign of the Year 2014

It's no secret that car companies lavish huge sums of money on persuading us to buy their products but which company spent their car advertising budget best in 2014? That's what our annual Car Ad Campaign of the Year award seeks to find out and who better to pick the winner than you, the very targets of the multimedia onslaught?

We've slimmed 12 months worth of memorable, and not-so memorable, car advertising campaigns down to a shortlist of four. Now it's your turn to vote for your favourite.

We've included the videos of each car ad below, along with the manufacturer's 140-character explaination of the concept. Remember, however, that you're voting for the whole campaign and how successfully you think it communicates the brand's message.

Click here to vote for your favourite from the shortlist below...

Volkswagen: #Woofwagen

#Woofwagen in 140 characters: 

#Woofwagen to win … because dogs and philosophers do the greatest good and get the fewest rewards.

Vote for Volkswagen's #Woofwagen campaign here

Land Rover: #Hibernot

#Hibernot in 140 characters: 

Hibernot was as much for the public as it was for LR. We created a platform that let us show how we together enjoy this grey & pleasant land.

Vote for Land Rover's #Hibernot campaign here

Mercedes: Magic Body Control TV “chicken”

Magic Body Control TV in 140 characters:

Fresh and bold – this advert brings to life a complex piece of technology in simple and fun way creating cut through and surprise.

Vote for Mercedes' Magic Body Control campaign here

Jaguar: Good to be bad

Good to be bad in 140 characters: 

A brave idea, integrated across multiple media with devilish attention to detail. Is it good to be bad? A 64% boost in orders says “F-yeah!”

Vote for Jaguar's Good to be bad campaign here

Your vote for the Car Ad Campaign of the Year 2014 could determine the winner and once you've placed it, there's still time to vote for our 2014 Car Design Award too. Just click here.

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Looks like the jag ad was cut short?

It's got to be the Jaaaaaaag advert!

The Honda CRV ad has been the only interesting one on.

The Mercedes Benz ad is the result of a very acute observation of fowls. For those who may not know the chicken neck effect is not computer generated.

I could vote for the "Woofwagen" but then that would be a vote for the dogs and any of their vehicles. And thank goodness, VW didn't use cats!

The one that has most relevance to customers is the Land Rover one. With this country being cold and wet for half the year, why not embrace it and buy a matching car? Made me want to go out and get a little bit muddy.

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