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26 May, 2015 5:00pm

Vote for your favourite car company advertising campaign in our poll. The winner will be crowned Auto Express Ad Campaign of the Year 2015!

It's no secret that car companies lavish huge sums of money on persuading us to buy their products, but which company spent their marketing budget best? That's what our annual Car Ad Campaign of the Year award seeks to find out, and who better to pick the winner than you, the very people car manufacturers hope to attract?

We've included the videos or images of each car ad below, along with the manufacturer's 140-character explanation of the concept. Remember, however, that you're voting for the whole campaign and how successfully you think it communicates the brand's message.

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Bentley Continental GT – ‘The luxury of Spontaneity’

Bentley’s ‘The Luxury of Spontaneity’ campaign  launched in January of last year. Featuring a stylish young couple and their Continental GT, the advert resonates with that ‘why not’ mentality, and inspires motorists to ‘just go out and drive’ and do something with their day. The campaign seeks customers with the means and opportunity to seize the moment, and combines their luxurious lifestyle with a very luxurious driving experience indeed!

Bentley said: We’ve captured the lifestyle of our consumers worldwide, the product our brand creates, and the #luxury of #spontaneity it gives them.

Citroen DS DSign by Benefit - ‘Driven by Beauty’

Citroen’s ‘Driven by Beauty’ campaign rejected traditional car marketing and turned to the world of fashion for the launch of its special edition DS3. Aiming for a female audience, Citroen partnered with cosmetics brand Benefit to create the fun and iconic DS3 DSign by Benefit. Partnering with online fashion retailer ASOS, Citroen created an online car boutique that launched alongside their Spring/Summer ’14 collection, and gave women the opportunity to browse, try and buy the DS3. Citroen also partnered with influential fashion bloggers such as Zoella to market the DS3 to the female audience.

Citroen said: With our special edition DS 3 we turned ASOS into the world’s first online car boutique, revolutionising the car buying process for women:

Honda Civic Type-R - ‘The Other Side’

Honda’s ‘The Other Side’ campaign launched in November 2014, and featured an interactive double-sided story of a dad leading a double life. The audience are able to switch between perfectly matched films, one of a Civic driver and doting father, another of an undercover cop and Civic Type R driver. All they have to do is Type R. The campaign aimed to reveal the crazier, more emotive side to Honda that people don’t know about, and did a great job of it, too.

Honda said:  Just click this link and ‘Type R’ on your keyboard...

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Mitsubishi’s launch of the Outlander PHEV began in June 2014, and didn’t just mark a milestone for the brand, but presented the car as a paradigm shift in motoring itself. The campaign featured a timeline that chartered important inventions and landmarks throughout human history – the Outlander PHEV was positioned at the end of this. The campaign worked, and helped the car become the best-selling plug-in vehicle in the UK.

Mitsubishi said: Our campaign didn’t just launch a car, it made history. Within a year of the campaign going live the Outlander PHEV outsold every other EV and plug-in vehicle in the UK.

Nissan LEAF – The Electric Side of Driving

Nissan launched its ‘Electric side of Driving’ campaign back in May last year. The campaign emphasised the huge contrast in cost per mile between conventional petrol/diesel family hatchbacks and the all-electric Nissan Leaf (15p vs 2p/pm to be exact!). This was portrayed through the divide in their campaign artwork, which highlighted the dark and dismal side of driving versus the bright and clean electric side of driving! The campaign ran in printed and digital media, as well as in public spaces, and successfully converted many British motorists to EVs. 

Nissan said: Stand-out creative, a compelling message and clever media strategy helps people switch to the electric side of driving #recordEVsales.

Renault Twingo – ‘Twingo Flamingo’

Renault’s ‘Twingo Flamingo’ campaign launched in April 2014, and centred around a short film which features a young woman, her friends, dogs, rugby players and a pink flamingo. This Broadway style musical positioned the Twingo as the perfect city car for stylish and sociable, city-living females.  Ringo the Flamingo created a lot of excitement for the brand, and helped Renault deliver a captivating campaign.

Renault said: With the help of a pink flamingo called Ringo, the Twingo has already been a smash hit creating a lot of buzz & excitement!

Skoda Fabia – ‘The Attention Stealing Skoda Fabia’

Skoda launched the new generation Fabia in December 2014, and created a campaign centered around its attention stealing design. As well as the TV ad below, Skoda used disruptive adverts in train stations, national newspapers and popular websites that literally embodied the Fabia’s disruption of the market, and its ability to arrest your gaze.

Skoda said: We’ve positioned Fabia as the exciting fresh face of ŠKODA in the UK through attention-stealing formats and a ground-breaking consumer experience. Vote Fabia!

Suzuki Swift – ‘The Must See Suzuki Swift’

Suzuki’s ‘Must see’ campaign began in July 2014. Focusing on a Suzuki Swift hidden in various nooks and crannies whilst a man goes about his daily routine, the advert underlines the idea that Suzuki’s are one of the UK’s best kept secrets. The advert ends once the man finally gets a good look at the Swift, and he can’t help but be impressed. Perhaps Suzuki cars far exceed the public’s expectations of them.

Suzuki said: Unconventional, singled minded and bold creative in the right channels made the Swift the desirable hero without compromising audience engagement.

Volkswagen Tiguan – ‘Priorities’

Volkswagen’s ‘Priorities’ campaign began in September 2014, and focuses on a Dad willingly compromising on certain areas of his life. He swaps golf for ballet practice, and football matches for kids’ TV amongst other things. VW positioned the Tiguan as the car to turn to when your life gets bigger, accommodating your own preferences as well as family life, life in the city as well as off-road. In short, there’s no need for compromise when owning a Tiguan!

Volkswagen said: “The new Volkswagen Tiguan ad perfectly captures a day in the life of the modern Dad”. Or quite simply:  Give dad a day off… vote for the #VW #Tiguan

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Looks like the jag ad was cut short?

It's got to be the Jaaaaaaag advert!

The Honda CRV ad has been the only interesting one on.

The Mercedes Benz ad is the result of a very acute observation of fowls. For those who may not know the chicken neck effect is not computer generated.

I could vote for the "Woofwagen" but then that would be a vote for the dogs and any of their vehicles. And thank goodness, VW didn't use cats!

The one that has most relevance to customers is the Land Rover one. With this country being cold and wet for half the year, why not embrace it and buy a matching car? Made me want to go out and get a little bit muddy.

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