Stick with your car for insurance discount

Stick with your car for insurance discount
27 Jul, 2012 5:45pm Julie Sinclair

Drivers who’ve owned their cars for four years or more cause fewer accidents

Motorists who have owned their cars for four or more years are a much lower insurance risk. So says Adrian Flux Insurance Services, which is offering to undercut any cover quote for drivers who fall into that category and who haven’t made a claim during the past 12 months.

The company says it’s seen a big drop in claims from drivers who keep hold of their cars. General manager Gerry Bucke explained: “Our records show a lot of accidents happen within the first year of owning a car and fall away significantly after the fourth year.

“It’s partly down to experience, and it probably says a lot about the more steady type of people who don’t chop and change their vehicles all the time.”

The offer is only available until the end of the month.

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What crap! I've owned 8 cars in less than 10 years without a single claim. More "statistical" nonsense from the insurance industry thieves.

Totally right. While i am not on leasing i feel sorry for leasing users as usually the change car every two to three years.
I am on my 3rd car in 3 years of driving and I have never had also an accident. This is total crap.

I tend to change my cars between a year and 3 years, based on bangernomic "needing too much work" or in some cases just out of boredom / fancying a change.

I have over 9 years no claims, only crash I was in was when I stalled my first car at a roundabout and the BMW behind me didn't see me.

News or Advert?

I don't lease, I just change cars regularly because cars interest me. As I'm interested in cars, I'm also interested in driving which - imho - makes me a lot safer than the dozy bint in HR who only drives because the buses don't pick up out where she lives and so she needs a car.

Does it not stand to reason that someone who likes something and takes pride in it will be better at it than someone who by their own admission either doesn't like it, only does it because they have to or even hates it?

I guess however that I'm just not a 'steady' type of person. In layman's terms I'd say that means I'm just not the boring type of Toyota Corolla driving c*nt, with all the personality of a packet of oatmeal, which insurers want on their books.

It's high time that the people in the UK and Ireland started to boycott the big insurance companies and effect some change in the industry.