UK's pothole predicament highlighted in infographic

21 Mar, 2014 4:30pm George East

Infographic highlights extent of pothole problem facing UK drivers

An infographic offering a visual representation of the pothole problem facing UK motorists has been revealed.

Using data from 2007 to present, the interactive tool created by used car
website, Trusted Dealers, highlights various factors relating to potholes 
and offers a visual representation of the pothole problem that UK motorists 
encounter on a regional and financial level.

The graphic highlights key statistics relating to the pothole issue such as the total of miles of local authority-controlled road by region, the number of 
licenced cars in that region, the number of potholes filled over last year 
and the average cost to fill a pothole.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, announced during the 2014 
Budget held on Wednesday 21 May, that the government would create an
 additional £200 million fund for local authorities to tackle the pothole
 problem. However, Osborne added councils would have to bid for a share of 
the funding.